RP for Nuke21 from Spore.

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  1. Setting: A battlefield between Sector 07 and the Aerthans.
  2. ( the post I'm going to make will be in standard Iwaku format)
  3. (okay, I don't know anything about Iwaku, so I have no idea what you mean)
  4. ( Iwaku posts are usually structured like a book.)
  5. (okay, let's continue this RP)
  6. ( Is he talking to the scouts? )
  7. (He's talking to Vector 1-6)
  8. ( I'm going to let you decide what Safudor finds in the Aerthan's armory. )
  9. ( Safudor is already wearing his GUNGNIR armor so he won't bother with the nano armor, but the ion cannon sounds useful.)
  10. (Hi, spore.com is down.)
  11. (Do you want to continue this rp?)
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.