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  1. Hello :)
    I'm new to this site, so I'm still trying to figure out how everything works. I'm not new to roleplaying though, but it has been a while since my last rp. So it might take me some time to warm up but if you think you can put up with that, it would be awesome. :) Also, I like a little romance and action in my rps. So here is what I'm craving at the moment.

    Angel x Demon
    Hunter x Vampire ( or another pair)
    Prince/Princess x Knight/Maid ( or another pair)

    Those are the main ones I can think of at the moment. The subjects I don't like doing are books, movies, anime, tv-shows, yaoi or yuri. Yes I am 18 but I'm not sure how comfortable I'll be with 'mature' rps. It just all depends. If your interested just let me know :)
    Thanks for reading!


    An angel is being charged with a crime that seems almost unrealistic. It's said that if one touches the lords own personal book, they will gain the knowledge of not just the world, but the universe. Including every souls life events, and events still yet to come. The book was found open on the ground with the Key that opens the lock missing. One lonely angel lay next to it. Once she awakes, she finds herself in her human body, sent to earth until her trial. She is told if she finds the missing key, she will be forgiven. Since everyone believes her to be guilty, and the angel can't recall what happen at the time of the missing key.

    From there I have two ways for the story to go, depending if your character is another angel sent to watch over her or a demon sent to help her look for misbehaving in Hell and making the Devil mad. I would like to play the angel on trial for this plot.

    Humans and gifted get along. At least they used too that is. Until the son of the ruler went missing, and the blame fell on the gifted. Now they are at war, with hunters that are trained to kill any gifted they see. They have orders to bring the son home at all cost, no matter how many deaths it takes.

    I have more twist for that plot, and I prefer to play the son and also at least one hunter, probably two. At least.

    Vampires need a save place to go too, don't they? A place to relax, have some fun. That is without the worry of slayers popping up at any moment. That was the reason this night club was built. After all, being a Vampire in a big city isn't easy. No human is said to ever find it, on accident at least. Well, until now. With a human wondering the place and the slayers getting closer and closer to revealing the cover of the club, how can one girl, i mean Vampire, manage this?!

    For this plot I would like to play the manager of the club and a human. I would prefer you to play at least one vampire and one human, doesn't have to be a slayer unless you want it to be.
  2. I'm very interested in your Angel x Demon plot! If it's alright, I would love to play as the demon sent off to help her find this key. Or if you would prefer someone play the male angel instead, I can do that too. :)
  3. Hey! I've been kinda craving superpower RPs lately. And I am also new, so :p Not to PRing, to this site, so we could figure it out together. Message me if you're interested :3
  4. Awesome! Either works for me, you could play both if you really wanted too. It's up to you :)
  5. Okay. :] Hmm, I think I'll probably go with playing as the demon guy. I have more of a character in mind for that role. XD
  6. Ok, that works for me :)