RP Anyone?

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  1. Okay so I am simply looking for someone to play with.
    I am up for most things, but I do prefer playing boy/boy and some of my fandom invvolve:

    Transformers (I do OC and most oficial story lines there are)
    Yu-Gi-Oh (Mostly interested in Kiba and Joey.)
    House M.D. (House and Wilson)
    Supernatural (Dean and Cas I can do Sam and Gabe as well.)
    Marvle (Most of their stuff. Like The Avengers, X-men and on times Ultimate spiderman)
    DC (Most of their stuff as well. I am a reall Batman and Flash fan)

    I do OC as well in most things and I am more then okay with pure OC stories as well.
    I am also more then okay with most other fandoms. (As long as I know what it is.)
    I must point out that I have dyclectia wich means that I tend to have some wrong spelling and every now and then a bit of a messed up gramar.
    But most of the time I am doing just fine.
    So if anyone is interested in playing with me just give me a ping.
  2. I would love to do a yugioh kaiba x joey rp
  3. Hey I would be up for an Avengers or Xmen oh or a House M.D one :3 (So many pairings that I love @_@ I love supernatural as well but I haven't started season 10 yet )
    Though for the Avengers or Xmen would we be basing them off of the comics or the movies? I have been dieing to do Young Eric x young Charles roleplay based more around the movies than the comics (don't get me wrong I love the comics as well just James Mcavoy and Michael Fassbender are just... yes.)
  4. Hey i am still stuck on season 7 of spn. XD
    But yeah eric/charles is okay. I dont usually play that paring but it is a cute one. ^^
    The Avengers I usually go cartoon verision, they have gotten their personalities just awesome there. Like Avengers assemble.
    And House is a womderful tv show.
    But if you really wanna do a eric/charles tgen I am up for it. ^^
  5. Hey, do you do Furry RP's?
  6. Furry? You mean animal people? Yeah I do from time to time.
  7. Oh hmm well we don't have to do a EricxCharles if you don't like the pairing ^^
    I sadly have not seen Avengers Assemble, well I saw a couple episodes when I had time
    anyways what pairing do you want to do?
  8. Well Perhaps a Thor/Loki or maybe Hawkeye/Hulk (Yeah I like that paring XD)
    House and SPN are obviusly eather House/Wilson Dean/Cas
    X-men I am mostly in to Wolverine and Gambit...
    (Honestly I dont really know much about Eric/Charles since I never really liked old Charles)

    (I am sorry I have a hard time deciding stuff... XD Any one of thouse you like?)
  9. Ah I don't know enough about Gambit to roleplay that pairing.
    However ThorxLoki is always fun... I would say Dean and Cas but I have been obsessed with Wincest lately

    ok so I narrowed it down to House x Wilson or Hawkeye x Hulk (because it sounds like it could be interesting) Or Thor x Loki (though with this one, because I have two of them going on, I would want to make a plot that is different than the ones I am doing)
  10. Hello ^_^

    Are you open to doubling?
    Also, yay, another fan of Avengers Assemble! I love that show! :D
  11. Okay then lets remove Thor/Loki. (It dose tend to get a bit boring to just play the same paring time and time again.)
    So Hawkeye/Hulk? (It is a interesting paring.)
    If we like playing with one another we can always play House/Wilson at a later time.
    What you think?
  12. Doubling? (Sorry my brain is not working at the moment... Whats that?)
    Avengers Assemble is awesome! I so love the Bromans between Thor and Hulk.
    And Hawkeye is so cute! (That and they actually got Tony's humor practeckly corect.)
  13. Doubling basically means we both play two characters (canon and OC) for each other.
    So, say for example, you wanted me to play the Hulk for Thor (you'd play Thor) and in exchange I'd ask you play Tony for my OC.

    I agree! They got the personalities of the characters so perfect!
  14. Ok cool! though I warn you I have not watched any of the Avengers Assemble, atleast I haven't watched enough for me to understand how the characters act in the cartoon or know the plot line >< though I have read a couple of Hulk comics and some Hawkeye comics as well. and I've seen the Avengers so yeah XD.
    anywho plot wise what are we going to do?

    and yes we could do a House x WIlson roleplay later ^^
  15. Ah! Then I understand. (I think. XD )
    So basacly there are two RP's in one.
    Yeah I am tottaly okay with that. Sounds like fun actually.

    I am not overly found of Black Widow though.
  16. Yup, that's the idea!

    Me neither. I liked her in the Vampire episode, but that was it. Oh, I take that back. When she and Hulk shared an episode together that was her best, in my opinion.
  17. We could do House if you feel more comfreteble with it.
    I just finiched the tv show and I already miss it. XD
  18. I agree! She looked way better gray/blue then she usually dose. And 'Hulked out heros' were a awesome episode. Though I am curius why Clint and Steve's hair coulor change and not Thor's.
  19. Yeah, that confused me too! Oh and who would you like me to play? I'm perfectly fine with any of them. :)
  20. Well would you be the Hulk to my Hawk I'd be happy. (Yes I like Hulk/Hawkeye. Clint needs more love and Hulk is just amasing! XD )