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  1. Hello!

    I am Zverina or Zverki, for those who want to get all familiar with me, and I am looking for someone willing to roleplay with me. Although I am not entirely new to this whole roleplaying thing, it has been quite some time since I did it last time and I am looking for someone patient who would help me to get back into this wonderful world-creating activity.

    I am quite active and can respond at least once a day or two, but my time zone is CEST and that may cause some difference in our posting time. It also means that English isn't my first language (that would be the greatest of the slavic languages, wonderful Czech!) and I make mistakes from time to time. Despite this, I swear that all my sentences will be legible and without typos (proofreading is my greatest virtue).
    In terms of lenght, I can manage to write a couple of paragraphs in the third person. I hate one-liners and writing less than a few sentences would make me very ashamed of myself.

    Now that I said everything important about what kind of roleplayer I am, it’s time to say something about what kind of roleplay I want. I have to admit that I am quite a cynical person with a rather twisted sense of humour and sad lack of ideals and I tend to project this into my roleplays. My heroes are often flawed individuals who live in rather flawed worlds. I am not saying that good things can't happen; they just have to be balanced by the bad ones. Realism, even naturalism is essential to my RP.

    These things said, I am not really into slice of life kind of RP. I have enough issues without having to create new, imaginary ones. On the other side, I absolutely love RPs set in fantasy worlds and sci-fi universes. Be it high or low fantasy, classical space opera, cyberpunk or combination of all these things, you can be sure that I will be at least little bit interested.

    List of plots I am interested in trying: (open)

    From the bottom: Basically Dragon Age 2 premise in different world. Two siblings escaping from their home end up in a strange city completely different from the world they knew. Will they be able to survive, or even thrive?

    Anything Warhammer

    There will be more

    So… anyone interested?
  2. Hello there!

    I am very interested in the sibling plot. Perhaps you can send me a conversation to discuss the details if you haven't found a partner yet! I hope to hear from you and wish you a wonderful day.
Thread Status:
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