Royalty and Noble Rankings RP

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  1. I was curious if anyone was interested in being involved with an RP that involved the different ranks of nobility in a traditional fantasy kingdom. While there are a few little holes in the plot that I'm trying to work out, the main gist of it is this:

    It is (as mentioned above) a traditional fantasy kingdom for the most part, but the main difference that sets it apart is that the system of royalty is much more complicated and split up, with several different ranks in authority. The main event the plot would be centered around would be the characters climbing up the ladder, basically, to become the one to get the rank of Emperor/Empress.

    The noble statuses look like this, with most players starting at Civilian rank (though, some could start a little higher- no higher than Baronet/Baronetess, however):
    -Earl, Count/Countess
    - Marquess/Margrave, Marchioness Margravine
    -Grand Duke, Grand Prince/Grand Duchess, Grand Princess

    Their would be action and magic (though not a whole lot of it), but the main focus would be the fight to the top- the backstabbing, the blackmailing, all that juicy good stuff. ;) Of course, there is more to it than that, and this idea is still being developed, but if it catches your interest, let me know!
  2. Interested for sure!
  3. Question~!

    How do we gain rank promotion, if there's one?
  4. I was thinking along the lines of an XP point-esque kind of scale, but also with special events that would bring the character's rank up. I hope this answers your question!
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  5. I am up for it :)
  6. I don't really think an XP system would work here, since it would then just be a normal race for XP. Plus, in the real world a well timed assassination can bring you leaping straight from a rank even lower than Citizen up to Emperor. Also, this seems like it would be a very political game, and in a medieval situation, civilians have less say in politics than the king's pet frog. The only way they become even vaguely recognised is to beat 1000 people completely alone. Civilians were always civilians and only by performing a great feat such as the previous example would they even be considered for knighthood. It's stupid, but in the old days people thought that battle and mental prowess was genetic and so the sons of knights would automatically be knights even if they were more worthless than Tim the Farmer.
  7. I'm interested!!
  8. I am interested.