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  1. Lance Ryder, royal prince of one of the most well known kingdom in the area, was pouting and glaring at his fighting tutor as he sat criss cross apple sauce on the chair. "Prince Ryder, please." The elder tutor sighed, obviously annoyed by the blatant accusation on Lance's face.

    "We're suppose to be practicing today." He muttered grumpily, looking away as his tutor glanced over at him. The tutor sighed and rubbed his temples a bit.

    "I already told you, we are having a visitor." Lance scoffed at the excuse. He stood up from his seat, stretching out his legs as both of them have fallen asleep. The tutor eyed him warily, and Lance just shrugged. He then walked around the tutor, as if pretending to exit the room. "Where are you going?"

    Lance shrugged once more. "Out. I'll go greet the new guest, or something." He muttered, but as soon as he was done, he immediately struck out. His hands had one goal: to grab the sword that his tutor held precariously at his waist. Lance cheered as the grasped the handle and immediately ran out with the sword. Sure, his tutor was a better fighter, but Lance was younger and faster. It was great. He laughed gleefully as he ran down the hallways, his tutor screaming from behind him.


    The threat only caused Lance to laugh harder, and he immediately made a sharp turn around a hallway. As soon as he did, he ducked into a small opening - a secret passage way he had found when he was just a child - and then he climbed through it. He knew his tutor had no way of finding him now.

    Lance smiled and sat down for a moment. He held the sword delicately in his arms. He knew one wrong move, and the blade could easily slice him open. He loved this sword, and he desperately wanted to inherit it from his tutor. Technically, it was his, but he wasn't allowed to have it yet, because he was immature or something. Lance snorted - yeah right.

    The red headed prince then decided to exit from the small opening he was crouched in. He looked around, just to make sure that the tutor was no where around. Once all signs were clear, Lance stood up. He stretches out once more and swung the sword, as if placing it into a scabbard strapped to his waist. Of course, he had known. But Lance liked feeling like he had one.

    Afterwards, he made his way to the courtyard. He couldn't care less for a new guest. They often come and go anyways.

    What he could care about was sword fighting and the feel of the blade in his hands.

    It was blissful fun.
  2. Blaze ran a hand through his silver hair, his startling blue eyes looking out at the village as he passed. He had left his own kingdom a few days ago to come here, to stay at the castle here and attend their academy to learn how to be a prince as his so called parents said. For 18 years, he had been raised as a farm boy, working for a living. The life of sitting idly around was not for him. He didn't know if 'being a prince' was ever going to be possible for him. He didn't believe it one bit that he was royalty. Their reasoning was that he was the same age, had the same as the Queen - his so called Mother - and the same Silver hair as the royal Silver family. Original name, right? Silver after their hair colour. If he was honest, he thought it was ridiculous. Sure, his 'Mother' and 'Father' had always been his King Zeke and Queen Rosa, but he had never been interested in them. Even as a child he had thought their names had been silly.

    Sighing heavily, Blaze shook his thoughts away as they passed through the castle gates. He leaned down, running a hand down his horse's neck. Zeke and Rosa had insisted that he go in a carriage, to not ride a horse so far, but he had put his foot down. They hadn't liked it too much, but Blaze was not willing to go in a carriage and get carted around everywhere. Beneath him, Apollo, his stallion, snorted. Blaze smiled and then looked up as the castle loomed closer. Even with all the guards surrounding him, he was in awe.

    A few servants were waiting for them and Blaze halted Apollo and slid from his back. Pulling his reins over his head, a young man, around 16, tried to reach for them but Blaze simply smiled and shook his head. "Show me. I'd like to take him myself," he told the boy and he watched as the boy's eyes widened in surprise before nodding and leading him to the royal stable. The boy dared not utter a word and Blaze said nothing, now used to the way castle servants didn't want to say a thing to royals.

    He soon put Apollo into a stall, untacking him and giving him a quick brush. "Prince Blaze," a man said and he turned, seeing a man with greying brown hair and stern hazel eyes.

    "Right," Blaze muttered, "time to meet some more annoying royals," he left the stall and followed the man toward the castle. However, Blaze quickly got bored and he glanced at the man he followed, who didn't even glance at him. So blaze slowed and then turned and left. He walked around a corner, glancing around the corner, at the ageing man and he bumped into someone. "Sorry," Blaze mumbled and turned his attention to who he bumped into. He had red hair and held a sword. The way he held himself, Blaze had to guess he was a prince. He had red eyes, a startling contrast to Blaze's own blue and the guy's fair skin was a lot different to Blaze's own light coffee coloured skin tone.

    "Sorry," Blaze muttered, repeating himself.
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  3. Lance nearly dropped the precious onto the floor when the other boy suddenly bumped into him. He hissed slightly, his eyes wide and his heart nearly skipping a beat. When he realized that he manged to safe the priceless item, he just sighed in relief, then looked to see the perpetrator.

    It was someone he never met before. And he wasn't just some servant either - at least, not by the looks of his clothes. He looked... well, like a royal prince. At first, Lance was a bit surprised, but then he remembered that they were to have a guest over for a while. Guess this was him.

    Lance's initial curiosity of the boy quickly faded. Sure, he looked different, with his silver hair and tanned skin, but... Well, didn't all the guests look weird to him at first? Lance looked away, tempted to just completely leave and ignore the boy, but then decided against it. What if the boy followed him? Or what if he told someone where Lance was? Lance sighed in his head, then turned to face the boy once more.

    "Are you lost?" He said, then bluntly added, "Because if you're looking for my old man and his wife, well, you're far from their public room. But of course, you wouldn't be the first crazy to decide to explore a castle by themselves. What if someone mistook you for a thief?" Lance made sure to hold the sword carefully, trying not to point it at anyone dangerously.

    He then used his free hand to point down the hallway. "Down there. Then you make a right turn on the 9th opening, a left turn on the 3rd opening. Another right turn immediately, and it should be the 13th door onto the left. Got it?"
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  4. Blaze watched the surprised look on the young man's face shift to curiosity when his scarlet gaze landed upon him. But that quickly faded to what almost looked annoyed. Well, he couldn't really blame him. He did just bump into him and by the looks of it, had nearly caused him to drop the blade he held. The red haired prince looked away and Blaze figured he was just going to turn and leave. A little rude, yeah, but he had no problem with it. He might not like royals, but being raised by a poor farmer, he didn't have much confidence around them. They made him feel small; inferior. And Blaze didn't appreciate that feeling.

    But the guy apparently changed his mind and turned his attention back to him, asking if he was lost. He then went on to say he was far from the common room, but then again, he wasn't the first crazy to try and explore the castle by themselves, then asked what if someone mistook him for a thief. Blaze snorted and stood up a little straighter, folding his arms over his chest.

    When the prince went on the explain where he was supposed to go, Blaze, though generally a patient, and rather quiet person raised a single brow and shook his head. His patience had worn thin from all the travelling and listening to everyone prattle on about unnecessary subjects. "I'm not looking for anyone. If I had any choice in the matter, I wouldn't be here at all. The longer I can avoid seeing them, the better. Plus," he added, "I highly doubt anyone is going to mistake me for some thief in this gaudy outfit," he glanced down at his clothes, tugging the hem slightly. Made of obviously expensive materials, of a royal blue colour with silver trimmings, Blaze wished he could just wear the common pants and shirt he had on his farm. But that would never happen again.

    "But I do appreciate the directions," Blaze said, watching him, "if I decide to find my own way there at some point, i'll keep them in mind," no need to add that he very much doubted he'd go there of his own free will.

    To be honest, he didn't know why he was saying all this. He was usually a man of few words and quite reserved, but apparently not today.
  5. Lance eyed him carefully. He had mixed feelings about the boy so far. First, he was annoyed that he was spending time with him rather than sword fighting. But second, he seemed... Well, not as annoyingly attached to rules as most of the other royal families were. Most guests would be fawning over him, trying to get on his good side, just so his parents would be kinder towards them. And Lance always thought of those people as something akin to vultures or flies.

    But during Lance's mental evaulation of the boy, he noticed something. He scoffed and came closer, perhaps the boy was more spoiled than Lance thought. It looked like someone had button up and tied his outfit for him. "Well, no wonder you're uncomfortable in it. You're wearing it all formal and stuffy."

    Without any sort of warning, Lance lifted up his hands and touched the edge of Blaze's collar. He briefly unbutton just a few, loosening up the tighter ends. Then he fluffed the outfit a bit, making sure that it fitted well on the darker skinned boy.

    Lance wondered briefly if the dark skin was due to outside activity or if it was natural. He was certainly jealous if it was due to being outside all day. When Lance was done, he asked, "There you go, how's that?"

    Then, as if on cue, a grown man came running down the hallway. "Prince Lance!!!" He screamed at the top of his lungs. Lance made an 'oh crap' face, and immediately stepped away from Blaze.

    "Ah, gotta run!" He then burst out at high speed down the hallway, making sure to avoid any sort of obstacle that would slow him down.

    The man was panting by the time he came over to Blaze. He sighed as he noticed that Lance had gone long ago. Then the man, with his dark brown hair and warm brown eyes, realized who Blaze was. "Prince B-Blaze!" He stuttered a bit, his eyes wide. He bowed slightly, to show his respect. "I am so sorry you had to see that. Prince Lance did not bother you any, did he? He can be quite... Strange at times."
  6. Blaze glanced down at his outfit again when Lance commented on it. Was there any other way to wear it? If there was, he couldn't tell. But before he could reply to him, the red haired prince stepped toward him, hand raising. Blaze tensed, unsure of what he was about to do. But he touched his collar and then unbuttoned a few and fluffed it a bit. It was still uncomfortable to what Blaze preferred, but it was better than before.

    When Lance was finished and asked how it was, Blaze paused momentarily. He hadn't expected that at all. "Uh, yes.. better, thank you," Blaze muttered, brows pulling together, confused.

    But then a man called a named, which Blaze could only guess belonged to the boy in front of him, if him stepping away from him told him anything. He soon told him he had to run and then bolted. Blaze watched him until a man stopped near him, panting.

    Turning his blue gaze to the man, he studied him. He had dark brown hair and warm brown eyes and Blaze immediately got the impression that he would like this man. He didn't have the same, cold, calculating look like everyone else Blaze had met had. The man quickly recognized him, his eyes going wide as he stuttered his name and then bowed.

    Blaze stepped toward him slightly, about to tell him there was no need to bow to him, but the man quickly went to apologize and asked with Prince Lance had bothered him at all, explaining he could be a bit strange. Blaze shook his head, "No, sir, it's fine.. There is no need to bow to me. And, Prince Lance was fine, I was the one who was rude; I had bumped into him accidentally," he explained and glanced down where Lance had run before looking at the man infront of him. "Was the sword he carried yours?" Blaze asked, curious.
  7. The older man listened to Blaze as he explained the situation. He sighed in relief when he heard that Prince Lance wasn't being the little brat (to put it nicely) as he usually is. "If you say so, Prince Blaze. But do not allow Prince Lance to get you get you caught up in anything too crazy." The man warned. His warm brown eyes seemed to truly worry, as if he was quite certain Prince Lance was somehow going to get the other Prince killed.

    Unconsciously, the man placed his hand on his empty hoister. "Yes, Prince Lance is quite... enamored with it. He often tries to take it when it can." He sighed, running his free hand through his hair. "Do not concern yourself too much about it, though. He knows not to attack others, and he shall give it back to me later."

    "However, do you wish me to accompany you anywhere?" He asked, smiling a bit calmly. "I am a mere tutor, but I am quite capable of helping you reach the destination you desire."
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