Royal Siblings.

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  1. Looking for someone to play the older brother of a sibling pair.
    I'm planning for this to be romantic, with the siblings being in a relationship together.

    I'll play the slightly younger sister.

    This will be set in medieval times.
    The siblings will be royalty.

    The plot is this:

    Royal siblings are in a secret relationship, and have been since they were 13 or so.
    But now their parents have engaged them to people from other places, for the good of their kingdom.
    At first, both siblings are against it, but then the brother starts to fall for his soon to be wife, and leaves the sister behind, bit by bit.
    And she feels betrayed, and perhaps begins plotting revenge.

    So, I need a partner who can do/be the following things:

    1- Please provide me with a sample of your writing. I need someone who can use proper grammar, spelling, and punctuation, as well as 3rd person.
    I'm picky, and won't always say yes, especially if you switch from 3rd to 1st person mid sentence.

    2- Please be active. Although I will accept someone who can only reply once a day, I'd prefer someone who can reply multiple times a day.
    Also, if you have Skype, feel free to ask for my Skype name and we can talk on there too.

    3- I'm really begging you here, with this one. PLEASE be honest. If you're bored, or want to quit, PLEASE JUST TELL ME.
    I will not be angry!
    However, if you just drop the role play without any notice, I will be very angry, and I'll also bug you until I get an answer.
    Have some manners and let me know. Don't be rude.

    Anyway, I'm willing to double, sooo let me know.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.