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  1. New York, New York. It used to be busy, and bustling. Now, if you visit it, it'll be crawling in undead. The wild life got out of control and began to grow every where. It was on buildings, on the road, vines and grass, even trees were the new populace. It created a maze for the undead. Rumor has it that the military set up "safe zone" check points all over the city. They had sealed off small drug stores, even a mall was sealed off. It was obvious that the dead had gotten into some, but the radio broadcasts still lead to the same places.
    The large mack truck slowed down as it reached the entrance to New York. Jeff, the driver, made sure there were only cars on the road when he stopped the truck. He put on his black trucker cap on, grasped his 12 gauge from beside him and jumped out of the truck. He walked over to the cargo trailer and opened it wide to show his collection of survivors and food.
    "Alright, I need at least five health, able bodied people." He nodded, looking at the group. "We are going to scout out for the check point. We will be back by dark."
  2. Zack would refill his Sawn Off Shotgun with bullets that were customized for zombies and supernatural things"Normal days with normal stuff and a normal zombie....What else could be wrong?"Zack walk across the street alone and saw a bike,he tried to start the bike engine on and it works."Yup..another god blessing for me I guess?"He'd wear his googles and drive to the abandoned mall a few yards away.His loud noses attract alot of zombies but he'd ignore because he know that they can't catch him up.On his way to the mall,Zack saw a broken army truck.He'd climb the back of the truck and hit a jackpot.There a bunch of ammo box and alot of grenades and guns at the back of the truck."Oh sweet mother of guns!"Zack grab everything he can and head to the mall.
  3. Maia, a tall woman with blonde hair pulled back into a bun at the back of her head and sharp blue eyes hopped out from the back of the truck with her rifle in hand. She looked around and then at the man standing in front of her. "I can help." She grinned and brushed a piece of hair that had freed itself behind her ear. She surveyed the area curiously for anything that may be moving that was not...human. Nothing yet but he knew what could be hidden behind all of the vegetation that had overtaken one of the most bustling cities in the country let alone the world. She sighed and shook her head sadly as memories clouded her mind of what life used to be like.
  4. Jeff pushed his hair behind his shoulders. He might have been wearing a trucker cap, but his hair led down to his mid back. It was normally untaimed and s pain in the ass to deal with.
    "Thank you." He nodded to the girl that had just stepped out of the truck. "Someone wants to earn her bread and butter it seems." Jeff chuckled. He made sure he had all the shells he could load into his gun loaded, and mae sure it was cocked. "I feel as though I should head out right now. If there are any other takers, I want you all to move in pairs. The buddy system, just like back in Jersey."
  5. Zack jump off from the back of the abandoned army truck with a load of guns ammunation."Things keep getting better and better."He smirked.Zack walk back to the bike that he found and start the bike engine,ready to go get some supplies at the mall.On his way to the mall,the bike that he found ran out of fuel and Zack start to rage,he kicked the bike and continue on walking."Stupid piece of shit..."He muttered.
  6. Ragged gasps escaped Alexandra's lips as she ran through the abandoned aisles of what used to be a clothing store. She had lost her little brother a few hours ago and the search for him seemed to never end. Everything was in vain at the moment, and panic bubbled within her. "Matthew!" She hissed quietly as she stop outside the door and into the main walkway of the mall, tears pricking her eyes. "Matthew, get your ass out here already!"
    After a moment or two of silence she kicked the wall beside her in frustration, cursing and cussing. Her grip on her trusted bow lessened as she put it on her back, and she pulled out her ice pick. She squeezed it gently, slightly comforted, before setting off again, her footsteps slamming against the cool marble of the floor.
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  7. "I give her ten minutes, then she's rotten bate." Byron shook his head as he watched Alexandra on the monitors in the security office.

    "Shouldn't we take it upon us as the last three security officers to help the poor woman?" Jared asked as he picked up a shotgun from the gun wrack.

    "Lois is already out gathering food, I can radio him and tell him to keep an eye open for her." Byron sighed.

    Jared shook his head and saw on the monitor that she was headed towards the security office. "No, fuck you both." He said as he opened the door.
  8. "Dumbass, doesn't he know by now that going out alone is dangerous?!" Alexandra growled under her breath, the search for her younger brother continuing on. She turned a corner, immediately skidding to a stop as soon as she saw a figure several meters in front of her. Her grey, mostly cold, orbs widened in shock at the human being and she stumbled backwards. With no haste whatsoever on her part, she pulled the bow from her back, notching an arrow swiftly before aiming it towards the other's head, directly at one of his eyes.
    The last group of people she had run into robbed and killed most of her old group, and unlike before, she had no problem with releasing the arrow to send the man to his death. "Drop the gun, now!" Her lips curled into a snarl and locks of her black hair fell into her eyes. She looked a mess from running around from place to place, but she didn't give a shit. In the world now, looks didn't matter. Looks didn't save you from getting torn apart.
  9. The trail was going cold and the night was going to creep over the mountain tops of the skyscrapers very soon. The big apple, New York was now as quiet as a small town or village with no sirens or murders. No people. Well living people. Thought David as he tried focusing back to the task at hand. He was on a mission and one that would ensure his life if he succeeded. He was tracking a young buck for a few days now on the outskirts of the city and followed it closely behind as it trailed over the Brooklyn bridge. When David had made his way over the bridge he found that the trail had gone completely cold. He had felt that it was time to give up and start searching for another source of protein. He stood up from behind a patrol car to see that the city that once was covered in brilliant light was now covered by mother nature herself. He had only once been to New York as a small boy but now as a young man he was reminded of the scent of hot dog carts that were on every corner and the noise of civilization. That cold realization swept up through Davids spine as he let out a soft sigh. How long has it been since I have seen another human being? Two, no three months? He thought to himself. Time was his only companion. That and his journal he kept with him ever since the outbreak reached his small town.

    It seemed that David was going to break down right then and there but nature would not allow it. He heard a snap of vines not to far into the distance and was finally brought back to the world of reality. The hunt was not over and his survival instincts were kicking in once again as he rose from behind the Patrol car and pressed on to the direction of the sound. Davids slender body was being to look frail from the lack of food that his body could not store. His clothes now torn and the once darken color of there formal use was now a paler existence. The wind brushed through his lengthy hair as he continued to stalk his prey.

    When David made it to the origin of the noise with his rifle unslung he focused and breathed softly not to alert the prey that could be behind the bush. He moved aside a part of the bush to see the buck jump over in fear scaring David as he fell back and let out a shot into the sky. His prey had gotten the upper hand on him and began to make the run for its life in the direction of piled cars leaving he startled David behind.

    David rose shortly after and dusted off his backside before reaching down for his rifle when he heard the first moan. He froze in his tracks. He knew that sound well as a flash back went surging through the back of his memory. His town was engulfed by this plague in less than an hour. The screams of torment and death were to much to bear he had to shake them out of his head. The moans were now added by others as the undead began appearing behind the piled cars. He did not have the strength nor firepower to make a stand. His only option was to try to escape. But where you idiot? He asked himself and began searching around to find a safe haven near by. In the distance he saw an apartment building. There was more of a chance that there were more of them in the building and now since his path back over the Brooklyn bridge had been blocked by the brain eaters he had to move fast. He began to run towards the apartment building hoping for the best. Once the hunter now had become the prey. Survival of the fittest.
  10. Maia grinned and shrugged her shoulders at the comment of earning here food. She would do anything to earn her share because the food source was getting scarce. That was one of the reasons she wanted to come out here, to see if there was anything edible to pick or shoot. As a younger girl she was taught what you could and could not eat when it came to being out in the forest. With that knowledge she was hoping to help the others with her along with those they had left behind. She wanted to make a garden too but needed plants for that. She heard something in the bushes and aimed her rifle at it, her finger hovering over the trigger she was itching to press down upon.

    It was a deer. Her eyes widened and she gasped. Something to eat. The buck saw the group and turned away. Maia had to go after it even if it was for just a little while. She jogged away from the group and into some of the growth, looking around for the buck. All of her senses were on high alert which was why when she saw a sprinting human being she gasped and placed a hand over her mouth. Watching the man run she decided to follow.
  11. Adrenaline was pumping through David's veins as he now was running for his life. The group of undead were following behind him as he jumped over a a car and landed on his feet before falling forward. His strength was fleeing faster than he had hoped. He groaned as he pushed himself back up, he would have to worry about his lack of strength another time. His survival to live passed another ten minutes was at his heels as much as the predators chasing behind. The human instinct to push the body to the extreme was something David had attained from the genetics of previous DNA passed down to him.

    The front door of the abandoned apartment building was swung wide open but was still intact which brought ease to David. The only comfort he could claim that day as the sun was continuing its descend over the big apple. David made it through to the finish line and swung the metal door close behind him, locking the mechanism. before turning around and placing his back on the piece of metal that kept himself and the undead apart before sliding down until his backside was on the ground. David began to slow his heart rate by his breathing exercise and storing the remaining energy in order to start his search through the abandon building.

    Moments passed and David was panting no more. His heart was steady once again as the banging sound alerted him to press on. He rose from his rest and unslung his rifle once more. The building was out of power and it was extremely hard to see in an unlit area. David flipped on his flash light on the bottom end of the rifle to illuminate the small occupied space. It was just a resting area where a few turned over coffee tables stood and a staircase to his left leading up towards the rooms. There were no sounds coming from inside but the stench of the dead were present. David was sure he would run into trouble but he took the chances of fighting through the apartment building then turning around and taking his chances outside with the mob. He pulled out his clip to see he had a little more than two thirds left in his clip before slamming it back in. He remembered he had only two clips left in his small side pack he carried on his back. If there were undead in his path he had hoped there would be few to pick off. David took a deep breath and began his slow search towards the stairs. Here goes nothing.
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  12. "Look, Lady." Jared shouted, hiding behind the door. He took his blue security cap and turned it backwards on his head. "We're the security, we are here to help." He sighed and peered his head behind the door towards her. "Before the check point was breeched, we helped the military."

    Jeff looked over at the scene going on. "You, come with me." He said to the girl firing at the animal. "We are going to find that check point." He cocked his gun, and made his way down the road,
  13. Zaith crouched on his perch from the building, his torn and ragtag assortment of grimy clothes blew in the soft wind as he wheezed in a breath of air from inside his gas mask. On the roof with him was his small camp, which he had 'discovered' and relieved from the two men who had squatted there. He lifted up his broomstick spear and holstered his revolver before kicking off the distraction he made to get some attention. An empty oil barrel, that the two men had used for fires, fell three stories before landing with a resounding clatter.
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