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Rose's Search for partners and besties ( ignore post count)

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Pandilicious, Jul 22, 2014.

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  1. Hello I'm Roses,I would like to roleplay of course. I have some regulations... Just some.

    * talk to me outside of the roleplay. I would like to know your schedule and let me know when your gone ahead of time.

    * I roleplay as female I don't like to roleplay as males.

    * I type as much as you give me.. I don't like novels and I don't like one liners. Novels get me overwhelmed.

    *I'll be on everyday during summer. This will change when school starts back up. I'll let you know and talk to you about extra ideas.

    Some pairings I enjoy doing right is my part

    Vampire x human
    bad boy x good girl
    Master x slave
    Bestie x bestie
    Popular x new student
    Prince x Princess
    Prince x maid/servant

    (Will put more when I think of some)


    1) this band wants a dancer/ back up singer girl. So one of the band members knows one person who is really good, and they would offer her the job, well what if that one band member was her best friend and when they see her, feelings are opened up, anywho, she can dance and sing, so the band members think it is a great idea to have her and her friend that are great dancers so they offer the job and of course they go, but what if while their jobs take off, feelings open up and they fall in love, while they face normal obstacles.
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  2. I am wanting to do more roleplays. PM me or write on here please
  3. I am still looking, bumping it up.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.