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Devlynn, more commonly known as Lynn, sat behind the counter, an expression of boredom plastered on her face. "So much for a life of glamour," she muttered, sighing.

Lynn worked in Hollywood. Not as an actress or singer, but as the secretary of a movie producer. Not even a famous producer at that. They hardly got any work and when they did, they got those crappy movie scripts. The ones that form movies that when people watch they say 'Big waste of time.'

Their movies were the ones who went on shelves without even being in theatres, mainly because they had unfamous, louzy actors.

As much as Lynn liked the people she worked with, because they were all good-natured, she couldn't help but sigh every morning when she woke up to go to work. She often looked out at other studios, the ones with gates and actors and paparazzi coming and going.

Like every other morning, the studios were all abuzz with activity. People were coming and going without even so much as a second thought for anyone else around them. All that most of them cared about was their current agenda, regardless of whatever was going on around them. These were people that, to be quite honest, Issac didn't mind at all. He was one of those people, more or less, though he did subscribe to the belief that one should take time to stop and smell the roses and so he prided himself some on not being quite so self-absorbed.

Like most of the people who were bustling around, coming and going in and out of the studios, Issac had a job to do. Little more than an apprentice for a makeup artist with some clout in the business, he was being sent to compile work for his portfolio by working on no name actors and low budget movies since the mutual benefit made his work cheap. He had a box of supplies in hand when he pushed open the door but somewhere in between entering and closing the door, he lost grip on it and it fell onto the ground. Fortunately for him, the latch held and none of his things went flying over the floor. This little mishap resulted in Issac spending more time than he intended at the front desk.

Looking up, Issac found himself staring at a wistful looking woman whose gaze practically screamed boredom. He grinned, figuring that it must be dull for a woman to work with a little known producer. He didn't mind her expression in the slightest, since she wasn't exactly here to greet him.

"Hey, you should cheer up. Someone might think you're envious of those movie star babes or something. Speaking of which, could you point me in the direction of Miss Sadler's room? I'm the makeup artist."
"God forbid someone should think that of me," Lynn replied, smiling a little. Though, she was curious. She hadn't been told they were getting a new make-up artist. Of course, she guessed he was one of the apprentices, the ones who needed to practice in dark, hidden places like Sadler's productions.

That thought almost made Lynn laugh. Having so little work was giving her time to imagine strange things, like a black-hole of a studio. She should write a script.

She shook her head when she realized she'd been lost in thought. "Um, sorry. Miss Sadler's room is in that hall, third door to the right," she said, standing up to point him in the right direction.

Standing to full height once more with his kit gripped firmly in his hand, Issac took a step in the direction that the girl indicated and then halted to turn his head in her direction for a moment. She seemed disappointed with this lace and with the hand of cards that life had given her though for the life of him Issac couldn't think to understand. As dull as it might be to work for a joke of a producer, she was still here, submerged in the city that practically oozed glamor and glitz. It was the dream of half the girls who wanted to make a name for themselves to come here and even if she wasn't an actress, this job as a secretary let her live her life meeting people who would one day grace the scenes of move theaters throughout the country. He smiled and shook his head.

"Don't forget to take a minute sometimes to stop and smell the roses" he advised her cheerfully "I've always found that it makes you realize just where you are when you stop fretting about things and just enjoy where you are." He didn't know why he was trying to give the woman counsel, since it was none of his business whether she was bored or not, but he figured that sharing his way of thinking couldn't be so bad. If she didn't listen, she didn't listen, and it was no skin off his nose that he wasted the breath to tell her.

Before he started walking again, he offered her a mock salute and then headed to the door she had indicated. As he approached it, he remembered to call back a quick "Thanks!" before he was standing in front of the wooden frame. The door had a sheet of paper taped to it with 'Sadler' written hastily across it. This place really was pretty B film, he thought jovially. It didn't matter to him and he preferred it, in fact: if he didn't do an absolutely perfect job here, no one was going to throw a tantrum. Still, he had to do his best for his portfolio or he'd never be more than a failed apprentice.

"Make-up!" he announced to the door before knocking.​
Lynn smiled whole-heartedly at the man's advice. "Thanks," she said to him, meaning it. That had helped her, though, she was still kind of bored. However, after meeting a man, who was quite attractive, she guessed the job wasn't all that bad.

She sat down and, pulling her dark hair into a bun, she leaned back in the chair.

Meanwhile, Miss Sadler, a middle-aged woman with blonde hair, sat at her desk. She was rummaging through papers when Isaac knocked on her door. She stood up and quickly rushed to the door, having forgotten that the make-up artist would be coming.

She opened the door, smiling, "Welcome, welcome. Come in, sit down." She motioned to a fold-able chair that was in front of her desk.

Ivan strolled into the movie studio and walked up to the secretary, checking the slip of paper to see if he was at the right place. Ivan looked up at the secretary, standing silenced for a moment, admiring her beautiul face, then asking: 'Um, I'm Ivan Suitsu, I'm going to begin working here as the assistant secretary..." he smiled
Lynn jumped a little when she heard a new voice.she had zoned out again and hadn't noticed the young man who had walked in. "Oh, Mr. Suitsu. Yes, I heard you'd be coming by today." She stood up and shook his hand. "My name is Lynn Johnson," she said, smiling, "I suppose you could say I'm head secretary."
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Evie had never been too fond of Hollywood, but this was her chance to finally make a dent in the acting community....Wasn't it? She laughed and shook her head at that. As if someone like her was ever going to become big in the industry, she was auditioning at an unknown studio for an indie romance film that she barely knew anything about.

Walking into the building, she almost stumbled over the small heels she had put on. If it were up to her, she would have come to the audition in a pair of jeans and a graphic t-shirt, something she preferred to wear, but her mother, the one who really dreamed of being an actress, had made Evie wear a skin tight black skirt, a white tank top and some leather jacket that didn't even belong to Evie. Typical of her mother. Even at twenty-two, her mother thought Evie was a child that needed to be handled.

She slowly made her way to the secretaries desk, her arms held aloft at her sides in an attempt to find balance. When she finally made it to the desk she latched onto it for support, and pulled an overwhelmed smile onto her face, looking at the woman behind the desk. "Hi, my name is Evelyn Summers, I was told to come here for the auditions that are being held for the film Chocolates and Heartbreaks." Evie almost laughed at the cheesy title, but managed to keep it locked inside, puffing a stray strand of dull brown hair out of her eyes.