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  3. C u r r e n t P l o t

    Chapter One
    Month one: Introductions

    Currently all we are doing right now is introducing all the characters in their own specific way. I plan to have each character have some sort of highlight on them in this chapter. Right now we are doing Moselle, Anastasia, Gwen, and Morris. Next to be introduced is Adamar, which will rap up this highlight. Next highlight will be Skylar, Yukari, and Ezra. Wrapping up the second highlight will be the introduction of the Lime Rose Witch. After all characters are introduced we will end the first chapter and move onto the second one.

    Chapter Two
    Month Two: Celebrations Gone Wrong
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  4. U p d a t e s

    December 2, 2015:

    After some discussion with fellow members of the role-play, and finally deciding to follow my own agenda, I have decided to give RWC a little bit of a rework. This will not affect the IC in any way. I am not going to force you to stop playing your already made characters, I will not be forcing you to go back and edit posts, and I will not be restarting/making a new IC.

    What I will be doing is reworking the Rose Witches and their abilities. For some time now I have felt as if certain witches have been given to much power and others were given to little powers. An example would be Yukari as the Pink Rose Witch and literally having NO MAGIC. That just makes no sense to me, and I feel like he deserves to have more than what I have given him.

    I will be doing some more research on the various types of magics around the world, and discussing with everyone what they would like to utilize for their witch. I also would to specify that ever one of the rose witches are capable of doing what the others can do. For example, Ezra is the elemental mage/witch/wizard. In some stories and myths both light and darkness are considered to be elemental magic. While Ezra might be the Orange Rose Witch and highly skilled naturally in that sort of magic, Skylar (or rather constance) also specialized in the Darkness Element/Shadow Magics. Anastasia is specialized in both potions and spells, but the other witches are capable of using spells and potions, but they are just not as good as Anastasia.

    Another aspect of this role-play that is getting re-worked is the FAMILIARS. I feel like we as a group didn't really utilize the familiars very well. That's probably mostly my fault as even myself was confused with what to do with them. They don't seem to be particularly useful aside from just being a companion to the witches. As a result I decided to make them more useful. Familiars will be given MINOR abilities due to their bonds with their witch. For example, Moselle's familiar might have quicker healing, or can heal minor wounds of others. However these abilities will only work if their witch is currently ALIVE and have been bonded. Basically what I mean by "have been bonded" is that the bond does not actually "click" until contact with each other is made. For example Moselle's familiar James is unable to do any sort of healing or protection magic because they haven't met yet. ( I am sorry sin ;-;)

    If any of you have an ideas as to what else should be worked on, or just ideas in general. Please let me know in the thread. ^^

    January 27, 2016:
    The Rose Witch Rework has been completed until further notice. I have made several changes to each of the Rose Witches, so it will behoove every one to go and re-read some of the new information found here. Please make the necessary changes to your character sheets, but more specifically towards claimed rose witches and their familiars. During this time you could also "revamp" your older character sheets. This is also the time to invite anyone you believe will enjoy participating in Rose Witch Covenant, as we are now actively searching for new members. I also want to take this time to highlight that I have made several changes to this OOC Thread as well as the sign up thread for the up coming iwaku update. New information has been added to the Group Page as well, more specifically here. Unfortunately, some information you will find in the Group Page is still missing. I apologize for that since I have been busy with work and school. I will finish these specific sections as soon as I have the free time to do so. On that note, I will also be posting RWC's time skip as soon as possible, but like I said this is dependent on my own schedule. If one of you would like to volunteer and post a time skip in my stead please let me know.

    Thank you.

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