Romeo & Juliet

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  1. Juliet was in a small room, the room was filled with mirrors, makeup, lots of it. She was having a special ball tonight and would be choosing her husband. But her husband had already been chosen, and she was barely interested in him, but her family wanted her to marry him. She shifts, in an uncomfortable way in a chair she had been say in for almost an hour to prep her hair and makeup. She had already chosen her outfit for the ball, which was a beautiful and radiant gown. She came from a wealthy family who lived in a mansion. She was rather grateful. She was nervous about the ball, of course as she had never really thought about being in a relationship with anyone before - Never. She shifts again.

    "Stop shifting around! You're going to smudge your makeup, Juliet!" Her mother cries, she had been looming for the past hour, wanting everything to go perfectly.
  2. He had crashed a huge with his two best friends, and together, the three of them sat in their little corner talking about this and that. But Romeo had a bit of an issue. He was there to see a girl, Roseline. A beautiful girl, who wanted to become a nun, more or less, throwing out any chances of him ever...getting it. So there he was, at a party, dedicated to the daughter of the man, his parents hated with all their might. He smirked. If they ever knew he was there, they'd skin him alive.

    "Forget her." Said Benvolio. "There are fifty ladies here, twenty times as hot as she is."
  3. Then, finally after a few finishing touches she was ready to head out into the ball and make her big entry. So enough, she began to walk slowly down a grand staircase and felt people look over at her in awe, she looked beautiful. She began to blush, trying to hide it. Once she got down the staircase, people went back to dancing and what not and she was greeted politely by a gentlemen, this was probably the guy that she was supposed to be marrying.
  4. "What about her?" Mercutio said, while pointing to the lady of the evening.

    Romeo looked at his friend, clearly unamused. "That's not funny smart ass." He spat, taking a swig of his wine.

    "Hey, come on man." The impulsive man said, slinging and arm around Romeo's shoulders. "It doesn't have to turn into a thing. Just hit it, then quit it." He said, before dissolving into laughter.
  5. Juliet danced suth the gentlemen for a few moments and then accused herself, heading upstairs and wanders into a small room where there was a large fishtank, the room was dark but the fishtank had a radiant glow to it. She stares at the fishes and then presses her hand up against the glass and sighed.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.