Romeo and Juliet Version 20.13

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  1. The year: 2013.
    The Conflict: An ancient quarrel between two families.
    The Star-Crossed Lovers: The daughter of one business mogul, forced to be destined to marry the son of the mayor. The son of another business mogul, the arch rival of Juliet's father's company, thinking he is in love with a woman who loves him not. Both of them fighting against the histories and fates of their own families to come together and fuel their new unquenchable flame of love.
    The Obstacle: The cousins of both Juliet and Romeo are in gangs, always starting wars fuelled by their family's money, always watching Juliet and Romeo from the darkness.
    The Opportunity: Juliet's mother throws a costume party at their mansion that Romeo and his friends decide to crash after taking drugs. Romeo goes to wash his face to sober up during the party, where he and Juliet finally meet and make eye contact, but don't have the chance to speak before she is pulled away to dance with her fiancee, but it was definitely love at first sight and neither of them can deny it.

    Will the two find love? Will they find each other? I guess that's up to you.

    Further details can be discussed.
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Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.