Romantic Pains

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  1. Alrighty. I wanna try something a little different.
    I want to have a roleplay that incorporates music. I don't just mean basing a character off of a song. I want to have song lyrics spread out in a post.


    "Payback is sick.." she muttered as she threw herself on her bed and stared at her ceiling. "When did I become such a hypocrite?" Her head shook from side to side, holding back all the tears that welled up in her eyes, just fighting to get through the night.

    Everything in italics is a song lyric. If that had been a REAL post I would've linked the song that all those were from afterwards (it's Dancing With Tears In My Eyes by Ke$ha).

    But anyways, I want this to be a romance roleplay. I want my character to be a female who just recently lost her boyfriend to a car accident. She's dealing with grief and trying to handling hopping into a new relationship after 10 months of pulling herself back together. She thinks she has herself together, but she suddenly becomes aggressive and begins seeing and hearing things she can't explain.

    Yoooou would play the boyfriend. I don't care how this character is created, what he's like, if he's suffering some kind of grief as well and going through the same pain as my character. I just want someone to argue with and be graphic with. There will be a small amount of self harm here. I'm not sure if I'd want to go into detail on the romance parts, but we'll see about that when we get there. Haha.

    Also, the song lyrics thing is up for discussion. :3 Thanks!
  2. So like role playing a musical... This. I believe. IS AN AWESOME IDEA. I'm sure some feel differently about this but since music, for me, has such a powerful influence in my draw/writing (and I write short stories based on songs) this would be a very interesting challenge for me. I am all over this like white on rice yo.
  3. Awesome! :D I also consider music a HUGE inspiration for my writing and since I usually base my post son certain songs I figured I'd attempt something a little more challenging. Do you have any preferred setting or age range?
  4. Me too!! For my favorable role plays I actually have certain songs I listen to while I reply. It just helps so much get me in the character or moment in the role play. Well setting can be what ever. You said your character is dealing with the death of her old boyfriend whom died in a car accident. This could fit into modern or future setting. You character can be what ever age you'd like.

    Now while thinking this over I was thinking of my own characters. And you mentioned a character whom is also going through troubles themselves. My guy Dameyen was the first to come to mind. He has this bad habit of finding broken women and trying to fix them. (In the past this resulted in two failed marriages for him.) He's a nice guy just... his mouth and lack of thinking always get him into trouble. As for age Dames (his nick name) wont date a girl under the age of 18.

    Age wise... For this role play I think I'd make Dames 28-30? During this he'd be going through his second divorce. And most likely some other issues as well...
  5. Perfecttttttt! I like the idea of it being modern. My girl, Lex will start out like a normal girl when they meet and then it can all slide downhill. I was thinking of making her 23 so that's just about perfect too! ^-^ I can bump her up to 25 if you'd like(: They could meet in a normal old club/bar/coffee shop. Whatever suites your fancy. I can try and get the thread and my girl up later today after work! :D
  6. Her being 23 is perfectly fine. Age is usually just a number to Dameyen, except when it means dating can land him in jail lol. Dameyen would actually got to all three of those options although he loves clubs and bars. He actually loves raves the most. Knowing Dameyen's self destructive behavior I would see it more likely that he'd meet her at a bar or club. And great!No rush on getting the thread up. Takes your time, although I am super excited to start role playing this. :D
  7. laksdjf;asidjf.

    I'll go ahead and make the first post and them PM you the thread. I don't have work until 1:30 and it's only 11:30. X_X