Romantic Gestures

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  1. Some like it cheesy, some prefer simple sincerity.

    Whether you've actually received it or not, what is your favourite romantic gesture to receive from someone?
    It can be words or gifts or actions, anything

    Do you like getting flowers and candy from a man? Gentlemen, do you like it when ladies make dinner for you?

    Let's keep this thread SFW, btw, so keep your kinky dreams to yourself!

    Singles are welcome to contribute their dreams, too!

    For myself, I love it when my SO lets me take a night off; makes dinner, lets me pick what to watch on TV, and does a couple of my chores. It's very rare that I get more than one of these at once, but I always appreciate it when he gives me a rest :) ​
  2. Mine is sort of unique. My SO will buy me panda bears as gifts. Sometimes it's spontaneous, sometimes it's for an occasion. Panda jewelry, plushies, candies, Hello Panda cookies, pictures... He's even made me a panda bear out of clay! :3 These are my favorite romantic gestures of his. <3

    If not that, it's definitely receiving chocolate. My guy is especially mindful when it's about to be my time of the month. x3
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  3. I hate romance and feel sick to my stomach whenever it's mentioned.
    Once I've gotten over my allergic reaction to anything sweeter than a lemon, however, I'd find it sweet if they just invited me over to their place, just the two of us, to watch a movie or two. I'd totally bring a bag of Doritoes and some dip if they invited me to do that.
    Of course, this is all hypothetical. My actual Saturday evenings are spent browsing various sites for amusing pictures of cats.

    Now then, please excuse me while I wash this disgustingly sweet taste out of my mouth.
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  4. I find romatic gestures to be useless and having no soul purpose.

    But I do love my partner to bring up intriguing conversations and discussions. The more logic, and reasonable arguments make me happy. Or a book. A book makes LogicfromLogic love said partner forever.
  5. Gestures aren't meant to be practical, they're symbolic; people SAY they love people insincerely all the time; showing it with actions too is nice :)

    I too love books: my friends thought I was so boring as a kid lol
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  6. I feel like I need to go down a check list of romantic gestures just so I can remember things. O___O WE NEED A CHECK LIST.

    I love when Gibs will bring me home a snack or treat after he gets off work. >> like donuts, or dinner, or a drink. Or when he makes dinner on my period weeks when I feel too crappy to move. The way to my heart is clearly through food. o______o

    I like silly little love notes, random pictures, and grand gestures or speeches of undying love! But not a big fan of poetry. D:< Thas lame. I love flowers and I love candy. Shiny presents are nice, but I actually end up loving the silly little things more. Like when Gibs sent me a pair of headphones and the CD from my favorite band while we were dating. 8D Or when he found me an Owl Wizard.

    Touching is nice! I am NOT a touchy person. I cringe and skitter away when people get all touchy on me. But I like it from Mister Gibs. I like huggles, and pets, and shoulder rubs and kisses.
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  7. I've never had a romantic gesture shown to me, nor have I ever been in a real relationship with someone. So, I'm not really sure what sort of things would hit me really emotionally and make me gush. I suppose... Chocolate would make me happy, but anyone could offer me chocolate and I'd be ecstatic. I don't think of it as a romantic gesture.

    Hmm.... Gosh, I can't even really think of anything. Maybe... Maybe singing along with me when I randomly break into song? Or at the very least, not telling me to stop? *flails* This has seriously stumped me.

    I mean, I write romance all the time, in roleplays and not. But I know those characters inside and out, I know what they'd like and how they'd react. If someone sent me a love poem, or took me out somewhere? I have no clue if it'd really matter to me. I mean, it'd matter, but I don't know if I'd get the warm fuzzies from it...
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  8. I like thoughtful gestures, they don't have to be romantic even. Like today! Kehv knew that I was feeling kinda squishy and I had to deal with my parent and I am running on four hours of sleep so he brought me donuts! Actually he asked me if I wanted a treat, I said no and he said he'd get me donuts. *L* Which have been something I've been wanting for over a year now as all the Krispy Kreme's were gone and I don't like Dunkin at all.

    Like Diana, the fastest way to my heart is through my stomach. The first thing Kehv ever got me was a Valentine, it was a box of truffles inside an edible box! The next year there was no edible box but I still have THAT box and that was...Uhm. *counts* Eleven years ago? Ten years ago? Long time.

    I believe that romantic but thoughtful gestures are nice things but going overboard is bad.
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  9. Every time I was given food.


    Or that time my ex and I were walking along the sidewalk next to rows of bushes with those teeny, tiny flowers. We hit the middle of an incline and he nudges me and I see a teeny bouquet of those flowers. I still have the picture of it too.

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  10. I must apologize for my grammar error, I should have said 'sole' and not 'soul'.

    Anyways, I guess I do not fully understand gestures than. I have never been really that much a romantic myself, so I can't fully understand.
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  11. I feel I'm traditional when it comes to stuff like that. Give me flowers, chocolate, or an excuse to dress up! Sweet letters and poety do the trick for me as well.....I'm such a sap.
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  12. As simple and silly as it seems, random reminders of "I was thinking about you and missed you" or things of that nature mean the world to me.

    I've always wanted someone to want to do silly, cliché romantic things with me (like kiss at midnight on New Year and all that).

    Remembering little things I mention about myself, my likes and dislikes and all and later using that information or showing you recall absolutely takes me off guard in the best of ways.
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  13. A kiss, a caress, a nip, a comb...

    Damn, I love intimacy.
  14. I just have to add, if someone were to propose to me at a renaissance faire or something like that Id have a hard time saying no ^^
  15. When he'd walk me home at night. Streets would be nearly empty. Cool air. No rush. Just savoring the quiet conversation for as long as we can.
    When I'd wake him up in the middle of the night (I'm insomniac; he's Snorlax). He won't get pissed. No words. He'd know what I want. Hugs me to sleep.

    Aw, fudge. This thread is making me cry....