Romancing the Battle's Edge

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  1. "The more folk stand in the way of two hearts that yearn for each other, the hotter the flame of love waxes."

    -- Wisdom inspired by and from the Icelandic Sagas
    From the Northvegr Félag, by Álfta Óðinssen

    “The greatest happiness is to scatter your enemy, to drive him before you, to see his cities reduced to ashes, to see those who love him shrouded in tears, and to gather into your bosom his wives and daughters."
    -- Genghis Khan

    It is an age of exploration and war.

    Two warrior races rule the stars, painting the planets red with the blood of their foes. Each are honorable in their own right; each hates the other with a bitter passion forged on the field of battle.

    Each lays claim to a young lover about to meet their fated match.



    Tumen Arslan is the fearsome clan under Burilgi Khagan's iron fist. The Khaganate's imperial fleet raids the outer reaches of the galaxy, a juggernaut of adamantium and scorching plasma.


    Burilgi's only son, Vachir Altan, is a young and promising warrior recently debuting in the latest feud with...



    The greatest of all the Æetta is Clan Björningr, their longships unparalleled by even the Khaganate's mightiest vessels. Driven by wanderlust, they and their kinsmen forge expeditions into uncolonized sectors, plundering what they see as their rightful spoils. Lars Oddsson, the Höfðing, is a bear of a man with a notorious temper.


    It is said that only Yrsa Kveldsdottir, a beautiful young battlemaid and the daughter of one of his best warriors, can bring a smile to the
    Höfðing's face.


    But this young valkyrie is headstrong, and steals away in her one-man fighter to the unblemished eden world of Hespera. Unbeknownst to our heroine, Vachir Altan and his men have come to share the planet's delights as well...

    The stage is set as our curtain rises on a tale of star-crossed love and galactic war.

    Let the music begin.



    Revision as Yrsa Kveldsdottir
    Ozzie Chanter as Vachir Altan
    Ocha Hou-Ou as Galerdene of Dashtai
    Vay as Burilgi Khagan
    Octobre Leche as Alfvin Skoglund
    Zen as Brynja Kveldsdottir
    Ricarten as Sverrir Eindresonn
    And more To Be Announced!

    Yes. This is a space opera RP about Vikings and Mongols.

    It is also a musical.

    Q: A musical? What does that mean?

    A: That means that every now and then, characters will "break into song".

    This may be done in a number of ways. You may simply embed a YouTube video in your post, or you may describe in your actual post what the accompanying dance number looks like. You may even write your own song, if you wish. Think of this like a musical number in a movie. There's not necessarily an explanation for where the song and dance come from; they just are.

    Q: Wait, so what about other characters in my posts? Is every song a solo?

    A: Nope! In musical posts only, you become God of the Moment. NPCs and PCs alike are available as your backup dancers, chorus, or duet partner. If you're uncertain about something, check with the other player beforehand! And obviously, don't do anything like kill a player character during a song break.

    Q: Just how often am I supposed to do a musical number? Every post?

    A: No, thank you! This is not an actual opera, and the RP is not one continuous musical act. Definitely do not post a new song every time.

    Basically, you should post a song whenever you feel it is appropriate.

    You may, however, post "mood music" (instrumental tracks) as frequently as you like.

    Q: Do I have to play a Viking or a Mongol?

    A: Yes.

    If you want to play something else, get out.


    CLAN ALLEGIANCE: (Although you do not have to be from the ruling clan itself, you must swear fealty to either Tumen Arslan or Björningr.)
    ROLE: (What is your place in the story? How do you relate to our young lovers?)
    APPEARANCE: (Although a picture is allowed and encouraged, please also briefly describe your character.)
    SKILLS: (What is your character good at? Do they have any special abilities? Keep in mind that these characters are for all purposes human in nature.)
    WEAPON OF CHOICE: (Have fun with this!)
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  3. NAME: Burilgi Khagan
    AGE: Unknown, one legend has him as old as the stars, though that is just rumor. Hes closer to lat 30s/40s
    CLAN ALLEGIANCE: Tumen Arslan
    ROLE: Leader of the Tumen Arslan and father Vachir Altan.
    SKILLS: A born warrior with decades of experience in both leading and killing men. He is the core of the Tumen Arslan and it is though his iron will and tactical genius that the once minor clan has expanded into a dominant force with countless others swearing fealty to him and the Ten Thousand Lions.
    sword (open)

    Taken from the dead hands of one of a rival empire's rulers it has become as much a symbol of Burilgi's power as a weapon. Its effectiveness in the modern age is mostly due to it's careful and advanced construction and it is said to be a gift from the gods to the future ruler of all creation. Though it seemed it's first owner fell short of the mark the current one seems to headed towards fulfilling the prophecy.

  4. [​IMG]

    The Song of Yrsa Kveldsdottir

    Gather, gather and hear!

    Those who seek will find
    The tale of a girl
    One Yrsa Kveldsdottir
    A girl of only twenty years of age.

    In the service of the halls
    Of the clan of Bjorningr
    A strong and stubborn girl
    She appears

    Like the snow on the mountains
    Her hair white and pure
    The strength of the bear
    In the night of the sky

    Eyes blue and cold
    For she has never known love
    Hands calloused
    By the grip of a sword.

    Those who seek will find
    A girl of tall stature
    Standing just short
    Of the men she rides with

    In the service of her sword
    A blazing blade of captive sunlight
    Charged with all the blessings
    Of Sunna's hall.

    Like the whispers of valkyries
    Her voice is assured
    And her stance is rebellious
    Though her family's endured.

    She bears no scar of battle
    For luck's been on side
    But luck's prone to changing
    With its whimsy and lust.

    Those who seek will find
    A girl skilled in her sword
    In music and poetry
    In riding to war

    On her ship, the Bear's Rage
    She tears into the night
    Not knowing her future
    Not knowing love.

    But love is a desire
    That all warriors have
    Whether love of a sword
    Or love of their land

    And a people in conflict
    Will give rise to a chance!
    For Yrsa's a warrior
    Soon in true love's embrace.

    *This blade, Sunna's Kiss, is a relic passed down through her family for generations. The blade is made of writhing plasma, held in place with a mystical forcefield forged by an ancient and forgotten technology. It will not harm the one it has been blood bound to, currently Yrsa.

  5. NAME: Galerdene of Dashtai

    AGE: 19

    CLAN ALLEGIANCE: Tumen Arslan. In fact she looks up to Burilgi Khagan greatly.

    ROLE: Is the intended fiancée of Vachir Altan

    APPEARANCE: Pale, clear skin, a broad expressive face, almond eyes with dark brown irises and long flowing blue black hair. Gelerdene dresses in traditional clothing, exploring colors where ever she can. She is elegant and more then just pretty. With but a look she can tell her story. Whatever story she wishes to tell.

    SKILLS: Over the years Galne has been praised for her beauty so much that she concentrates on it so that she can utilize it. She has no issue with using her looks as a weapon with any man, nor with edged comments with any woman to keep her off edge. While vain she is normally not cruel. Galne would rather use words and diplomacy then blows. When her preferred method is not an option she'd rather pick off enemies at a distance and her keen eyes help her to this end. In fact they actually help with those social games as well. It's always good to know then anyone else.

    WEAPON OF CHOICE: Galne is happiest with a range weapon as she can track her prey from a distance. She caries on her person a specialized condensed energy bow, that looks like a stick, about the length of her forearm. However when she expands it the weapons origins in the long bow is obvious. The energy bolts can be varied in frequency, but not without taking a moment to adjust.

  6. Name: Alfvin Skoglund

    Age: 25

    Clan Allegiance: Loyal to Clan Bjorningr, hailing from the clan Den kjøkken kriger (The Dusk warriors) .

    Role: Appointed by Lars Oddsson to be a personal Body guard to Yrsa

    View attachment 8956

    Standing at 6’2 and weighing about 175. Alfvin is usually shrouded in thick furs and wool lined cloths. Oiled leather boots cover his feet, while sheepskin gloves blanket his hands from the cold. The Dusk clan has grown accustom to dress against the harsh elements on Óspaki, and even when not on their planet, are seldom seen wearing much less.


    Hunter, warrior. Heightened vision and awareness at night.

    Weapon of Choice
    Spartha style sword. 98cm, with bone inlay and leather woven hilt.

    The weapon of choice varies from clan member to clan member, but the process in which all their arms are created is the same. Forged in volcanic fires. The molten metal is poured in a cast containing bone fragments and sinew of fallen allies. The Dusk clan believes that this process gives them power and strength during battle.

    Den kjøkken kriger (The Dusk clan) So rightly named for the constant dark that haunts their home planet of Óspaki. While they have, over the course of their lives, developed their senses to survive at night, spending most of their time training in the dusk or pitch black, they have also developed a deep hatred for the light. When away from Óspaki they wear masks of tightly stretched animal skin to shield their eyes from the suns rays. They are feared for their ability to fight just as viciously in the dark, as they do in the light. The Dusk clan are fiercely loyal to The clan Bjorningr, and with that same ferocity, despise the Tumen Arslan.

    The planet Óspaki:
    Cold, desolate and nearly uninhabitable. The name literally meaning ‘unwise, unruly or wild’. Unwise was exactly what the forefathers that populated this planet were. Óspaki is the furthest inhabitable planet from the sun. During the winter solstice it is engulfed in a four month blizzard that is respected by the Dusk clan as a wrath of the gods. During these months they take to space, ravaging, pillaging and maiming any outsiders they come across.

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    Kenna (open)

    Kenna Flosisdottir

    AGE: 20

    CLAN ALLEGIANCE: Clan Björningr

    ROLE: Close companion to Yrsa Kveldsdottir.

    APPEARANCE: Standing around 5'6 and weighs about 137lbs. Long, mahogany brown hair that will curl easily in humid climates. A slightly dark complexion, darker than the norm. Kenna dresses in anything but a dress. It shows formality and responsibilities that she may or may not be able to uphold. Her eyes are a tad lighter than her hair color. There is an ink marking on her arm of an abstract maze, signifying that things with her are always twisted, but there is one entrance and one exit to her life, just multiple ways of taking it.

    SKILLS: Holding a sword takes a toll on people, especially if they live by it. Kenna has a tendency to train at all times in which she is not the best at what she does. Through any condition, situation, or climate, she will fight with the skills she already posses. Her body has weathered days of storms, rain, heat, and etc. Kenna's body has the ability to weather any condition or climate on the battle grounds. Heat nor cold affects her whatsoever.

    WEAPON OF CHOICE: Preferably a broad sword. Using axes of any size may through her balance, though she does enjoy something new every now and then. Kenna is the type to pick up an enemy's weapon, test it, and use it to her advantage. Swords do not require any unique thought pattern or plans. A simple swing and contact is all that is needed. Her sword is one more suited for slicing, more than stabbing. Using her sword in the face od battle, it is more of a dance to Kenna than it is a war. Swinging, twirling, and spinning the sword and her body in order to defeat enemies. It is the only way she can look to a battle brightly.


  10. NAME: Brynja Kveldsdottir

    AGE: 25

    CLAN ALLEGIANCE: Bjorningr

    ROLE: Older sister to Ysra Kveldsdottir

    APPEARANCE: About as tall as the men she fights with, Brynja has a very strong and robust build. Chords of muscle line her thighs and calves, continuing along her back and arms. Her face is pretty but is often overlooked by her muscular body. That is not to say that Brynja isn't feminine. Her eyes are warm, her smile quick. Her long locks of black hair is kept in a braid, extending to her lower back. However it is difficult for Brynja to find a flattering dress.

    SKILLS: She has worked most of her life as a black smith and a body guard for her clan, hence why her muscles developed the way they have. Not to long ago, Brynja started working with plasma and laser weapons, modifying classic weapons to make them deadlier. Her axes can cauterize wounds and her hammers leave foot long cracks in the earth. Brynja also enjoys singing, her voice far reaching and strong. She has no trouble ensuring that her voice is heard.

    WEAPON OF CHOICE: Any and all axes or hammers. Brynja lives for the combat, especially close quarters. She relishes smashing her opponents or hacking them apart. Her second best weapon is probably a sword, although she finds the weight difference distracting. Her worst weapon is a bow and arrow - she is prone to snapping the bow in half.


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  13. NAME: Sverrir Eindresonn

    AGE: 19

    CLAN ALLEGIANCE: Clan Björningr by way of Clan Wulfstern (Wolf Star)

    ROLE: Bound by Oath and Honor to Vachir Altan; Serves Vachir as a bodyguard and honor guard

    APPEARANCE: Somewhat short for a Wulfstern at 5’8”, Sverrir has a whipcord build also somewhat anomalous to his clan. He wears his dirty blonde hair in a just-past-shoulder length braid, and his beard is short but full, in a sideburns-and-goatee pattern.

    SKILLS: Sverrir is an extremely skilled tracker and scout. He’s uncannily good at reading people and his preferred mode of combat is ambush.

    WEAPON OF CHOICE: Claw and Fang, twin hand axes. Claw and Fang have serrated edges designed to open huge gashes in armor.

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