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  1. Oh, sorry about the outburst. You see, as of late I've found myself quite...obsessed with it.
    As for types of Romance:
    college age to 30s
    Paired with action/ drama/ tragedy
    I welcome love at first sights
    And for hate to love types
    plot improv (giving a character a starting point and going from there)
    Gender preferably: Any
    Let me know if you're interested in rping. : )

  2. would you like to try a hate-to-love plot improv action/tragedy plot?
  3. I'd love that!!!!!!! : )
  4. yay =)
    I have to go offline.. =/
    but I can skype: dragonjaystorm

    or email:

    if you'd like to continue speak about it tonight..
    if not, I shall be on tomorrow after school or sometime =)
  5. I'll skype you : )
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.