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Romance rp (invite only)

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Skyminer, Nov 9, 2014.

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  1. It was a cool spring week day before school, Stephan had a hoodie on and was walking to school.
  2. Maika walked down the common route she always took everyday to school.She wore a pink sweater over a white button-up polo shirt and a short pleated skirt.Turning to a corner,she spotted the familiar figure walking just a few feet ahead of her.Like it was by instinct,Maika quickly ran over to Stephan and tapped his shoulder,giving him a grin."Good morning!~"
  3. "Oh hello Maika, how are you?" Stephan asked as she came up to him. "Its a nice day today isnt it?".
  4. "Uhm,I've been good.Had to prepare breakfast and such like the usual" she let out a small giggle.Then she brought her gaze up to the sky an stretched her arms over her head."Sure is another nice day" Her gaze trailed back to Stephan."What about you?What new stuff have you been up to lately?Been getting with some girls eh?" Maika gave Stephan a teasingly playful smirk as she stated the last part, nudging him a bit on the arm as she did.
  5. "That'll happen when pigs fly." Stephan told her "well come on schools almost started we need to get going."
  6. Maika let out another light giggle,then started to run ahead."Let's go then!~" she called,looking back at him from over her shoulder.
  7. Stephan did a light jog towards the school after Maika and stopped when he reached the school.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.