Romance Rp ideas, need partner.

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  1. __~Romance RP~__

    I would like to do a romance RP, but of course i need a partner. Lol :)

    A few things about me:
    •I am a bisexual female.
    •I am on Iwaku a lot.
    •I'm logged on a lot of the time, but that doesn't always mean I'm on necessarily.
    •I'm on the Central Time Zone, i live in the US.
    •I can play both male and female rolls.
    •I can do fxf, mxf, mxm.

    Idk if that helps u any but i just decided to put it.

    What I'm looking for:
    •An active RPer.
    *[right now I'm in Puerto Rico, I'm coming back on the 18th though. I won't be on 24/7.] When i say active RPer i don't exactly mean 24/7, because I'm not right now, but on at 'least' once or twice a day.
    •A long term player.
    *Not someone who's gonna abandon me, cuz that sucks! If u end up having too, for a good reason it's ok. And let me know if your not going to be on for a while
    •Good grammar and vocabulary.
    *You don't have to be a genius at it, but i need to know at least what your saying, and id like a little variety in vocabulary.

    A few ideas i have:

    {•Fantasy romance•}
    *Werewolf ~ werewolf x werewolf, werewolf x human, werewolf x vampire.
    *Vampire ~ vampire x human, vampire x werewolf,
    *Angel ~ angel x human, angel x fallen angel,
    Those types of things :)

    {•Medieval Romance•}
    *royal x knight
    *royal x slave
    *royal x royal
    *royal x commoner

    {•High school•}
    *Emo x popular
    *Emo x emo
    * 'loser' x popular
    * student x new student
    * BFF x BFF
    * enemies. [enemies who realize they love each other.]

    They can be f x f, f x m, m x m.
    Message me for more details or tips, any ideas let me know!

    When you contact me about an RP whether replying in this thread or in PM I ask that you please list:
    -RP(s) you'd like to do or are deciding on
    -what kind. (Ex. Fxf, fxm, or mxm)
    -the gender you will play.
    -the role you will play. (Ex, if you choose a vampirexhuman rp, tell me if you will be playing the vampire or human, and if you will be a boy or girl if its a fxm)

    We will decide the plot and all via PM. And thanks, doing this helps save a lot of time :)

    ~~~BTW, I'll reply to u in PM~~~

    ***********updated thread: ******************
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  2. Hi! I'd be interested for a f x m student x new student, BFF x BFF or enemies(:
  3. K i'll pm u :)
  4. Hey! [: I'm interested in doing:
    a fxf vampire x human
    a student x new student (doesn't matter what the pairing is)
  5. I be interested in a FXM (Me with Female if that is okay)

    I really would like to try:

    Royal X Slave

    "Looser"X Popular Kid
  6. Ok. :) that'll work.
    With looser x popular I'm not the greatest at playing popular though. So ud have to play that popular if we decide on that. I'll pm u
  7. Hello, an angel xfallen angel sounds really good right now. I would like to be the angel though if that's ok? :)
  8. Ok:) i'll pm u
  9. Heyy, I'd like to do that Werewolf x werewolf with you or the Enemies, or BFF x BFF.
    Depending on whcih ones I'll play guy or girl. Enemies I'd like to be a girl. And werewolf I'd like to be a girl. :)
  10. Kk :)
    From the rp's iv done it turns out enemies is a lot harder subject to do. Bffxbff and werewolfxwerewolf are easier. Is there one u like over the other?
  11. Werewolf x werewolf :)
  12. Kk can we do it in PM? :)
  13. Role plays I'd like to do: Vampire x human, Royal x royal, Emo x emo, Bff x bff
    F x M
    I play female.
    Human, Royal, Emo, Bff
  14. I'm rather interested in any of your ideas. I need to get a roleplay going again and you seem to have a similar mindset. I'm a little more interested in angel x fallen angel, and especially fxf. But I can also do fxm playing a male character if that would fit the character backgrounds better. I would assume we can discuss this further if you decide you would like to roleplay with me. ^^
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