Romance RP anyone?

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  1. Hey,

    I'm looking for someone to rp a one on one romance RP with. I'm new here so if you don't mind that fact, then please reply to this post. I would prefer to RP about a girl that is kinda distant but still wants a love life. She just doesn't admit it to anyone. Any male takers? Please post a reply on this board if you would like to RP with me. Thanks x3
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  2. sure I wouldn't mind giving it a shot.
  3. Really? That would be awesome! I am going to use a girl named Suki. She's a bit distant, but wants love like any other girl. She's just horrible at showing it. So your up for it? We can give it a shot!
  4. I may be interested when I get some free time between school assignments. I'll keep you in mind when I free up some more time.
  5. Sure just pm me and we can hammer out some details before we get started sound good?
  6. That would be great! Keep me in mind ^^