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  1. Hello! So I've been craving some more roleplays lately and here we are at a partner request thread! :D

    Things you should know:

    -I'd rather be the female, honestly. I keep on being the male in all of my other role plays, and due to that I haven't been fully enjoying my role plays. However, I'll be the male at times :)
    -I don't do smut. Sorry, but it's just unpleasant to write about sexual situations.
    -I don't bite! So don't be afraid to talk to me. If you want to take the role play into a different direction, I'm all ears!
    -I usually write 2-3 paragraphs at minimum, and I'd like for my partner to do the same. I understand if you don't have any inspiration, but please, no one-liners.
    -Proper grammar would be nice, but if you misspell a couple of words here and there, it's not like I'm going to kill you!
    -For OC's, no Gary/Mary Sues. No god modding either.
    -Yes these will all be romance, but the plot won't be centered around it. We need action! Adventure! All that cool jazz.
    - I only do MxF. I'm really not comfortable with FxF or MxM


    [Anything in pink is what I'd love to roleplay most]

    The Tracks
    Muse A and Muse B are part of a tight-knit group of friends who are daredevils. Every Friday night the group gets together in search of their next big thrill. Their favorite pastime is partying on the train tracks on the border of their humble town. There’s nothing quite like the rush of feeling the hard, metal tracks vibrate underneath them as the train comes barreling around the bend. Sometimes they run alongside the train as it rushes by and jump on, hitching a ride to the next town over. Sometimes they climb to the top of the train and jump off into the town’s reservoir for a late night swim. One night, the gang’s party unexpectedly gets broken up by the cops and everyone scatters. Muse A and Muse B head off in the same direction, but Muse A is the one who gets nabbed. It turns out that the police have been monitoring the tracks following reports of delinquent behavior in the last month. As hard as they push Muse A to identify their friends, Muse A refuses to cooperate and they end up taking the fall alone. Muse A is sentenced to a short term in jail and Muse B is the only friend that takes the risk to visit. Muse A and Muse B’s bond grows exponentially over the course of the sentence, developing into something deeper than friendship.

    On The Run:
    Muse A is on a day-long drive to an out of town business meeting.They are the eternal optimist, always trying to find the best in everything and everyone, even strangers. When they spot a hitch hiker at the side of the road, Muse A is compelled to stop and give them a helping hand, offering to take them along on their route to the hotel where their meeting is taking place.
    Muse B is on the run, having escaped from the state prison during a transport three days prior. They have shed their orange jumpsuit for civilian clothes, and changed their appearance the best they could, thanks to an abandoned farm house near the penitentiary. Muse B is desperate to get as far away from that hellish place as possible. They’ve evaded the state police for this long, there is no way they will ever go back to that dark, stifling, awful cell.
    Muse A is exactly what Muse B has been hoping for - a one way ticket out of town. They share a few stories and generally enjoy each other’s company during the long, uneventful drive. Unassuming Muse A has no idea that there is a dangerous felon on the loose, but when they finally approach the state line to find a waiting police roadblock, Muse B suddenly pulls a weapon on Muse A and demands they get them through without incident. Once they’ve successfully passed the road block, Muse B reveals the truth, and Muse A is hit with the sudden frightening realization that they are now subject to Muse B’s plans.

    Muse A and Muse B are two halves of an A-list celebrity couple. Together, they have millions of adoring fans and millions of dollars to spend on whatever they could possibly desire. Despite the occasional tabloid article, Muse A and Muse B seem to be living a Hollywood love story, complete with cozy rendezvous in VIP sections of the hottest nightclubs, romantic dinners at the chef’s table in the trendiest restaurants, and affectionate touches on the red carpet at public appearances. Being as famous as they are, Muse A and Muse B are mobbed by paparazzi everywhere they go. Outside of their glamorous, gated home, the star couple can’t get a moment of privacy. But that’s perfectly alright with them because the truth is that Muse A and Muse B are together strictly for publicity. Behind closed doors, Muse A and Muse B absolutely despise one another and they secretly do everything they can to sabotage the other’s career.

    Character A works for an orphanage in the mountains that takes in “abandoned” vampires – meaning they didn’t have a sire/group of experienced vampires to teach them – and teaches them how to function in society. It’s not easy to help a bunch of fresh vampires dampen their natural, predatory instincts. Especially Character B, who seems to have taken a liking to them...

    The Play:
    Characters A, B, and C are brought together when the school’s drama production wants to do a spin on Romeo and Juliet but “with more dancing, and singing, and a polyamorous love triangle, and less death.” At first, the idea seems crazy – Characters A and C have hated each other since before this crazy production – but somewhere between the balcony musical number and Character C having a dance off against Character A for Character B’s love…it all starts to fall together and work.

    That's Amore:
    Character A works at a pizzeria with little to no customers, leaving A with little to do but man the counter and wait for the occasional take-out order or guest to waltz their way in, usually drunkenly. They had cheap and affordable pizza, to say the least, which was a real attraction for the college kids nearby. One night, A is manning the counter when Character B and their group of friends loudly slams open the door and “seeks sustenance” as one of them shouts. A scrambles to get the manager and the two handle the large group who eventually leave the premises.

    The morning after, B enters the pizzeria with the worst headache known to man and a strange craving for pizza. A is there once again, covering a shift for a friend, and recognized B almost immediately as the one who wouldn’t stop telling A that they had the most beautiful eyes in the world and continually sang “That’s Amore.” B, on the other hand has absolutely no recollection of the previous night’s events and simply took out their notes for their upcoming class, waiting for their pizza. How does the reaction take place? Does A tell B what happened? Do they try to get revenge somehow? Is it all just one big misunderstanding?
    • My cosplay is so good that everyone mistakes me for you, the real superhero. Including the government. And the villains. Whoops.”
    • “I’m your roommate and you keep coming home at the ass-crack of dawn exhausted and covered in bruises, are you okay?”
    • “I accidentally destroyed your shop in a supervillain battle and that was your livelihood and you’re so pissed and I’m so so sorry, here, let me make it up to you somehow.”
    • “You got de-powered during a battle and now I have to take care of you.”
    • “You’re my neighbor and I figured out you’re a superhero so I leave food on your doorstep because I figure you don’t have time to get food for yourself.”
    • “You’re so unimpressed with my powers and I don’t understand why and I’m gonna find some way to impress you, dammit!”
    • “You’re superpowered but you’re using your abilities for the most banal things and it irks me so much."“We just proceeded to have the most sick awesome, most conflicting dance off in the middle of the floor and like, can I buy you something because that chemistry between us was fantastic.”
    • “I dance modern, and you dance ballet and you are acting soooo superior and I really hate that about you…but in the hate relationship kind of way and I know that you’re enjoying every second of this.”
    • “You think that I keep coming to the pool to check out your ‘sick lifeguard bod’ but really I’m just here because my little siblings love to swim and the AC at home is barely working."
    • “I was having a nightmare in my sleep and you tried to wake me up but I thought you were attacking me so I punched out in the face and I am so sorry about your eye.”
    • “I accidentally shot you in the leg while we were on the archery field and at first I felt bad, but now I’m not so sure because I’m carrying you to the nurse and you won’t stop complaining and yelling at me."
    • "We absolutely hate each other but we’re the romantic leads so I guess we have to make this work."
    • "We're both leads in the school musical and you keep teasing me about Act II Scene 10 AKA the scene where we kiss and I'm annoyed but also slightly flustered because you’re hot."
    • "The school went into lockdown mode and somehow you and I ended up basically sitting in each other’s laps in a corner to stay out of sight for like 4 hours, cool."
    • "We're best friends and you’ve started dating this total asshat and every time you mention them I scowl and you don’t realize that I love you so much and you don’t deserve to be treated like that douchenozzle treats you."
    • “I’m trying to use this phone booth, and yes, I know that no one uses them anymore, but I forgot my cell phone charger, okay? Well, unfortunately, the bottom of the phone booth has fallen out and I’ve ended up in the broom closet of a secret CIA headquarters.”
    • “I’ve been dating this person for what, two years now? How am I supposed to react when they come to our anniversary dinner as our waiter/waitress, only to tell me in the middle of a crowded restaurant that they’re undercover?? Undercover from what??? My potential wrath?!?”
    • “I’ve always been jealous of my spouse’s watches/jewelry, so this afternoon I decided to indulge myself in trying one of them on, only to find a dart shooting out from the side of said item. This only raises the question of what they do in their spare time…”
    • “My so called ‘friends’ took me to the premiere of an horror movie and I'm a total scaredy-cat and of course I’m the one sitting beside a perfect stranger and I’m so sorry I yelled into your ear and I sticked my nails into into your arm."
    • “We've both been kicked out of the room because we were the only one finding the movie totally atrocious and you kept laughing at my whispered commentary."
    • “I was among the other 800 smart people who took refuge in the local Costco, and now there is a war over the peanut butter” AU
    • “I went to prom but then the freaking apocalypse started - at least now I’m happy that my boyfriend/girlfriend drives a pickup truck and has a strange obsession with knives."
    • “If you put that needle in my arm, you’ll be losing much more than your medical license, my friend”
    • “You may think that my piercings and tattoos would interfere with my medical career, but you’d be surprised by my capabilities."
    • "It’s my turn to open up the cafe today and you were sleeping under one of the tables when I came in and I don’t know what to say so I'm just sweeping awkwardly around you."
    • A famous author who has a cool and elegant image but in reality their editor has to kick them out of bed, cook and clean for them and basically bully them into stop procrastinating damn it and write.
    • A shy author who writes a novel series which are super popular but is on indefinite hiatus. Soon after the ruler of hell appears in front of them in a dramatic burst of smoke demanding for them to continue because apparently demons are also very fond of popular literature
    • An author who has the gift of supernatural sight and writes books on what they see like fairies and vampires, but it sounds so crazy that the whole world treats them fondly as works of fiction. They gain the attention of the supernatural council who send one of their law enforcers to stop the books but the author just gives the sweetest smile and says “make me”.
    • “I’m the one who started screaming in the middle of campus during finals week. You’re the one I saw spitting their drink out of their nose laughing."
    • “I’m having a shitty day and you just ordered the last piece of my favorite pie."
    • "You work at a haunted house and I accidentally broke your nose because I'm a scaredy cat."
    • "I'm trying to finish my astronomy project but you keep bringing girls/boys up to the roof to seduce them."
    • "You were super trashed and climbed into the wrong apartment window and now im trying to pull your hung over ass out of my bathtub."
    • "I just threw like 20 water balloons at you and I'm so sorry you looked just like my friend from behind."
    • "Oh so you want to play your music as loudly as possible? well two can play that game."
    • “Your country’s trying to take over/annex my country and you’re making it difficult to hate you because you’re so nice and attractive stop it."
    • “We've been engaged to be married since we were three but this is the first time we’ve met and your portraits really don’t do you justice."


    Time Traveler x Time Traveler
    Gamer x Sporty
    Vampire x Human
    Vampire x Vampire
    Circus Performer x Circus Performer
    Pirate x Kidnapped Princess
    Princess x Prisoner
    Princess/Prince x Rebel
    Rebel x Rebel
    Quiet Girl x Popular Guy
    Bullied x Bully

    Principal's Daughter x Rebel Guy
    Spy x Spy
    Kidnapper x Kidnapee

    Criminal x Victim
    Ex Girlfriend x Ex Boyfriend

    (I really adore the zombie apocalypse ones so if you'd like to do one of them don't hesitate!!! >w<)

    I'll add some later, but this is it for now.
    I'll write more plots later. See you!
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  2. Pirate X Kidnapped Princess. I'd love to work something out for that one.
  3. Unwanted Love:
    ~This is the Victorian Era in all of its glory. The Duke has arranged with the King, a marriage between his son, Muse A, and the princess, Muse B. Muse A and B have learned the news abruptly, and neither are content with it. They bicker quite a lot, but as the marriage day come closer, they get closer to each other. What will happen next?~

    I'm interested in this one if you'll have me?
  4. Okay! Just shoot me a pm~
  5. Of course! Just PM me and we'll sort it all out :D

    I added some plots, and all those mini plot ideas :)
  7. I'd be willing to do the 'Amore' one; I had a few ideas regarding my character with that! :D I'll be shooting you a PM with an example of my CS.
  8. Still looking~
  9. I am quite interested in the plot That's Amore. I also have no problem with being the male either.
  10. Could we do this one?
  11. Alright! PM me so we can get it sorted out~
  12. Yes~ PM me as well~
  14. I'm very interested in this one! If you are still looking for a partner, I would love to apply as one. Send me a pm if you're still interested too. :)
  15. I'm interested in a few of your idea. Would you like to do this one if your still looking for a partner.
    “I accidentally shot you in the leg while we were on the archery field and at first I felt bad, but now I’m not so sure because I’m carrying you to the nurse and you won’t stop complaining and yelling at me."
  16. Princess x Prisoner seems interesting ^-^
  17. I just PM'd all of you :)
  18. “I’m your roommate and you keep coming home at the ass-crack of dawn exhausted and covered in bruises, are you okay?”

    I have ideas for thIs one!
  19. I'm intrested in the "The school went into lockdown mode and somehow you and I ended up basically sitting in each other’s laps in a corner to stay out of sight for like 4 hours, cool." one and I have a plot forming if it's still open.

    Notice me senpai!¡!¡
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