romance roleplay :3

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  1. yup just a romance roleplay
  2. name:Takashi shinozaki
    race:human/secretly a zombie
    personalty:trigger happy,and loves guns
    bio:*you and i were friends until me and my 2 yr younger sister became orphans and once i was 17 and my sister was 15 we got out and wondered and we bought a little house for me and my sis and so i went to do a job for my friends friend and he was a drug dealer and i didn't know so once i got there they knew i was working for him and shot me in the leg and another shot me right through the head and i died and some how came back as a zombie like ayumu from is this a zombie? so no one knows im a zombie and the next day i was walking down the street and you saw me*

    sister bio)
    personalty:nice to everyone,hates guns and fighting,hates my room cuz i have guns in my closet and under bed

    (me and younger sister)

  3. I'm interested, but like. Any plot in particular?
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.