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  1. Hi I'm New to this site and Looking for Someone to play the Female character in On Of My Original plots.
    I Do original stories with original characters. I like to role play over message/conversation sending.
    Plots 1
    A dog turns into a human with dog ears and long furry tail. His Female owner made a wish that she she could really talk to her dog and her wish made Him mostly Human. Now he has to learn to fit in into the being human and being the owners new boyfriend.

    Plot 2

    In Greece it is said that once of year that the God and Goddess of love and Lust come down to earth and bless two souls with the power of love/ lust/ passion and desire. They become lovers destined by the gods and when they meet for the first time the will be under the Gods spell. On the day of festival the gods choose one man and women that have never met and have them fall in love at first site possessing them and watch as their desires get the best of them.

    Plot 3

    Love Hotel. A secret place where all your sexual desires come to life.

    Plot 4
    Prince and princess have an arranged marriage and builds a relationship dealing with the struggles.

    VampirexVampire girl

    If you would be interested please message me. Please and thank you.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.