Romance Plots Please?

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  1. Okay so my previous request thread epic failed on inspiring responses so I'm going to try to dumb it down.

    I'm looking for MxF pairings. (I might agree to a MxM if it's in a samurai setting.) I can play either gender, though I tend to play males better. I can play sub, switch or dom but if asked to play dom, i will be playing a soft dom. Also, the genre has to be some version of fantasy romance. Era doesn't matter. Though I like historicals and urban fantasy.

    Please have some sort of plot ideas in mind when asking about playing a pairing.

    Youkai x Human
    Youkai x Youkai
    Samurai x Princess
    Doctor/Healer x Patient
    Scientist x Research Subject (space fantasy)
    Priest x Confessor
    Angel x Human
    Angel x Demon
    Shifter x Human
    Shifter x Shifter
    Vampire x Human
    Vampire x Shifter
    Fae/Elf x Human
    Fae x Fae

    I play anthros on occasion but prefer anime-style humans with animal features most of the time.

    I adore beauty and the beast plots.

    Cookie points if an Urban Fantasy gig is set in my version of the mystically hidden Atlantean continent restored with the capital city now being Myrix where all races are equals and subject to the same laws. It can only be accessed by those who've been there before through a portal near Bermuda. Myrix is a massive city a bit like a mix of Chicago and New York, with the monorails of Phoenix. Towering sky scrapers for several miles along a riverfront with the industry on the east side of town along the bay. There are Arenas where factions and races can fight out there issues with no rules to break but they require special passes to access to make sure no one is taken into them without consent. Of course, no security system is ever perfect. ;) Myrix is my default city for many urban fantasies because it's entirely fiction and thus no one has to worry about getting the geography right.

    Fandoms (I'm not as enthusiastic about fandoms these days but if you can come up with a plot fromt he following that's tempting enough, I'll probably play anyway.)

    Rurouni Kenshin
    Hakuouki (or even just straight Shinsengumi)
    Marvel's Loki x OC (only if you can play Loki with fluff)
    Star Wars or Star Wars: The Old Republic OCs
    Star Trek (NG/DS9/Voyager Eras)
    Dark-Hunters OCs
    Immortals After Dark (Kresley Cole)
    Lisa Kleypas's Regency-Victorian settings (yes I know, this isn't exactly fantasy, but damn, her version of London and Mayfair is too awesome and I'm a die-hard romantic XD)
  2. Oooooh I'm interested. Especially in beauty and the beast of any sort. Pm or convo here?
  3. Samurai x Princess
    Doctor/Healer x Patient

    I could do either of those. Message me with a plot in mind? I've an idea for the samurai
  4. I'm interested in
    Vampire x human
    Vampire x shifter
    Beauty and the Beast

    PM me.
  5. Are you still looking? I've got some plot idea's if you'd like to pm me, we can discuss them.
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