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Hello There!

My name is *looks a username* CuccoLady. ^^ I'm glad to see you're interested in what I have to offer! I'm sure you're interested in knowing my ideas, so I'll get right to it!

I'm sorry if these rules sound picky, I just don't want to start another roleplay with high hopes then have them dashed away.
You must post at very least every Three days! This is basically the reason I'm looking for roleplays again. People don't answer often and the roleplay dies.
When it comes to the characters in the stories I will only do FxM stories and we both will be playing a girl and boy. That way we both get to play each role and when one couple is at a slow point we have a back up couple to keep the role play going.
I expect at least a paragraph per post. It doesn't have to be perfect grammar or spelling, I just ask that you make sure it's understandable and fluent with what I've posted. It bothers me when people change the time, weather, or NPC's actions/reactions when I've already stated it previously.

Through out the story I like... anything K-pop/Korean Culture related–Though I don't expect you to have an interest in that, so don't flee yet!– Awkward situations that create comedy, and cute and fluffy romance with sudden dramatic twists. (Can you tell I watch to many K-dramas'?) I also use a lot of gifs or pictures for my characters' expressions.
Through out the story I do not like... it when one of the characters are being abnormally stubborn. Everybody has a point they give in.

Now! On to the pairings!

For each pairing I will probably have a song/situation that will the base of the plot, however, we will discuss the plot further in pm. What I've highlighted in yellow is the character I would prefer to play.

(M) Best Friend x (F) Best Friend Song Story
Play Boy Coworker/Long Time Friend x Hurt Coworker/Long Time Friend(Warning! This one is a big love triangle!) Song Story
Flirty/Playful Fake Director x Shy/Awkward Secretary Song Story
Tragic Past Guy
x Strong Willed Girl (This could have some fantasy elementals) Song Story

Protective Friend x Girl In Bad Relationship Song Story
Gang Member x Protected Daughter Song Story

Was it really love at first sight?
Though they had great opposition from their parents, A and B believed they were in love and married at a young age. However, not quite a year later A and B divorced because of their immaturity. Five years pass and the two meet again, and though neither are happy about it, unusual circumstances bring their lives together once again. Will they get back together? Or will the now people in their lives take priority?

I am open to other ideas also! So feel free to mention them! I will also be adding pairings as I watch more dramas or new music videos come out ;) Or I just think up one...O.O
Yeah, well. Thanks! Have a good day!
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I would love to do the playboy coworker/Long time friend x Hurt Coworker/Long time friend if it isn't taken~
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the Gang member x Protected Girl sounds interesting, is it still available? ^^


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I love the gifs you used in this post!! Is it me or is that second gif of Leeteuk and Eunhyuk from Super Junior? I can't tell with all the flailing~
Also, I would love to set up a roleplay with you if you'd like!


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Haha! Thank you ^^
They are two members from B1A4, but I don't know their names. One of them is baro I think. But I don't know B1A4 well xD

Sure! I'll message you. Were any of these interesting to you or do you want to set up a different plot?
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Tragic Past Guy x Strong Willed Girl

I'm interested in this one because my female characters are typically strong minded if you'll have me. Also, I'm so happy to meet someone here who loves Kpop >< I'm obsessed especially with INFINITE, BAP, G-Dragon, Taeyang, and EXO but anyway PM if interested ^^
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