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  1. Hello there, I'm new to the site and I was wondering if there was anyone up for doing a RP? :]
    I would love to do a ROMANCE RP. I like fantasy too, if anyone likes that and mystery's always fun.
    I prefer to play girls but will play a boy if it's yaoi ;) If anyone's up for doing yaoi, please talk to me.
    Hope to hear from some people. c: :cool:

    Bold is what I'd prefer to play. If nothing's bolded, I'm fine with either :]
    Also, if there's a star, it's something I'd really like to do.

    Slave x Master*
    Maid x Master*
    Vampire x Human
    Vampire x Werewolf
    Best friend x Best friend
    Incest (twincest*, brotherxbrother, cousins)
    Arranged Marriage
    Office Romance
    Boarding School
    Teacher x Student
    Brother x Brother's best friend
    Bodyguard x Wealthy Person
    Editor x Mangaka
    Student Council President x Trouble maker* - Have a plot idea


    Bad ass x Quiet Kid - College/Highschool Setting
    Can be MxM or MxF
    _____ could be what you call a wallflower. He stick to himself and focuses on his grades, just waiting for school to end so he can just move away and start all over again. One day, _____ get thrown into detention for something some girl in his class did, inside there, he meets -----, a boy whose constantly getting in trouble and just doesn't care. They don't talk but ---- notices him and suddenly, ____ starts finding letters in his locker, sees ----- name carved into his desk in school and they eventually begin to talk since ----- won't leave ______ alone. _____ isn't sure how to react to the sudden attention and ---- isn't even sure why he's so interested in the boy, but eventually, they begin to develop feelings for one another.

    Gang leader x Normal guy (based off the Manhwa, Totally Captivated) *****
    MxM or MxF
    The mafia threatens ____ into working for a loan shark, where he's forced to run dangerous errands for no pay. _____ is poor University student with excelent grade. The culprit who doomed _____ to this life is none other than Yuu, _____'s jealous ex who still burns at _____'s infidelity. Their gang leader ------, with movie-star good looks and the bizarre drunken habit of biting people on the neck, takes a keen interest in his attractive new errand boy. ------ and _____ are about to discover, the go farther back than either ever suspected.
  2. I don't mind doing a yaoi one. I have a medieval/fantasy one looking to start in this same area. Can take a look at it and see if you like the idea or can think up another plot. :3
  3. Oh, okay, well, I took a look, but it's not really forte :| I don't really do RPs about that. Sorry.
    But if you have any other plots, I'll be glad to hear them! :]
  4. Hmmm.
    How about a m/m with a really popular singer or some celebrity who happens to be touring a specific area for one chari and maybe runs into a fan who really likes them or maybe doesn't know who they are but is still oddly drawn to them?
    sorry its kinda broad, I'm not used to thinking about plots, i usually just toss in chari's and go lol
  5. Oh, I quite like that!
    And to expand it,maybe we could do something where like, the fan somehow gets onto the team whose helping them organise their gigs in that city since they're like obsessed with the singer and sparks fly? c:
    And lol, it's fine, your ideas are fine!
  6. ok ^^ Do you have a specific person you wanna play or doesn't really matter? And do you wanna start it or I can
  7. I'd prefer to be the fan :) And could you, please?
  8. ok i put a thread up as song from the heart. Also put up a pic though its not exactly him, it's pretty close to my idea of what he looks like.
  9. Bump :] First post updated!
  10. Well, I don't do slash... but how would you be interested in mixing the master x slave/maid and human x vampire?
  11. PMed you. :]
  12. If you have a plot in mind involving werewolves I would be interested. If not we can definitely figure something out. If you're still looking, :)
  13. Would you be interested in doing a arranged marriage but having both be female?
  14. Huntress;; Well, I have one idea.
    There are a clan of wolves that live in the forest by a village. This would be set back in the past, I suppose. Their races have fought constantly over the years, humans with their tools and werewolves/the wolf clan with their superior instincts and raw power (if not slightly living in a old fashioned manner). But the wolf clan has dominated the clash for some time now, and every five years a tribute is required, a young woman and a number of goods to prove that they are still in control. I guess the chosen are held as a prisoner for sometime before being killed or something. I dunno :3 A girl is chosen, like always, but she catches the eye of a wolf boy in the clan.

    Rachelle;; Sorry, but I don't do FxF. :/
  15. I'd be happy to do the Teacher x Student one with you. .w.~