Romance of the Beasts

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  1. (I don't think I gave my girl's name away yet....Correct me if I did ^^ Oh and I don't know if I told you this, but she has an annoying 15 year old brother)

    Bryna was woken to the sound of softly chirping birds. They welcomed the werewolf to the morning light, although the light had already welcomed itself into the wolf girl's room. She moaned something about needing five more minutes, but her pet husky wasn't having any of it. Nudging the sleeping girl's figure, he whined loudly.

    "Shut up Cosmos, I"m getting up..." whined the teenage wolf as she sat up and patted the husky's head. She nuzzled his nose, thanking him for waking her up and moved her feet to the stone cold floor. Cringing, she slowly moved to her bedroom door which was rudely yanked open from her hand. It was her brother. He was 3 years younger than she was and extremely annoying.

    "Sis, Sis! Guess what?"

    She rubbed her still sleep wanting eyes.

    "What could possibly be so exciting this early in the morning?" she moaned once again.

    "Mom and Dad...they signed me up for High School and you for college! Isn't that great? We get to go to public schools now!" Bryna raised a brow. What? She hardly liked school, unless it was a school on how to be a Lead Mechanic. She had always been the odd one out, liking cars and the such. Her brother was too. Her mom constantly told her that their personalities had been switched while in the womb. Her brother was high into teenage boy fashion. He wanted all the new clothes, styles, shoes...Bryna rolled her eyes.

    "Is it a local school?" Bryna asked, hoping against all hope that she didn't have to travel too far for her school.

    "Yep, it's a local mechanic school just down the road a couple miles...." Mechanic school....Bryna liked the sound of that. She slammed the door in her brother's face and quickly got dressed, racing downstairs to find out the day she started.

    "Mom, really signed me up for school? Really? Mechanic school?" Her eyes grew wide with anticipation. Her mother's deep brown eyes and her father's bright blue eyes both caught hers and nodded.

    "You start tonight. It's a night class..." her father began. Excitement couldn't be contained in her small frame. She did a victory dance around the table. Thanking her parents, she skipped upstairs and read her to do list for the day. She would have a lot to do to kill time before she had to go to school. She happily started her chores, wasting the day away until evening started to show its head. Now it was time for her day to really begin! She hopped into her '72 beetle and raced off to her first night of mechanic school.
  2. How many days had it been? Two days, perhaps even more. The many sunlit mornings were spent hiding in the dark alleys of an unfamiliar city while the nights were spent traveling the road, hitch hiking when deemed appropriate. With what little funds available, even a night time bus ride wasn't out of the question. The kind strangers never knew that they had vampire in their company and that was how Rex preferred it.

    Rex's journeys eventually took him to yet another unfamiliar town. The sunlight had ceased for the day, and Mother Luna took Father Sol's place in the heavens for the night. For many days, Rex went without feeding and now the beast within him stirred madly. In his dingy black shirt, torn blue jeans, and worn shoes, and a gray hoodie covering the darken pale skin of his lithe frame, a passerby easily associated him being a bum on the streets. His light brown eyes focused themselves on the concrete of the sidewalk. His fangs anxiously craved the sweet sanguine of a poor unfortunate soul.

    The hunger hindered his sense of conscious perception. He walked in similar fashion of drunkard just getting back from a night from the bar. Without realizing it, he had stumbled onto the road and the next thing he knew, was laying on the ground.
  3. If Bryna hadn't been watching out, then she might not have noticed the boy laying in the middle of the road. She screeched her VW beetle to a halt and got out. A putrid scent came from the boy, but it wasn't the fact that he hadn't showered. In fact, she wasn't sure why his scent smelled so bad, but then again, all humans smelled that way to her. But his scent was a little different. How so, she didn't know quite yet, but she couldn't leave him here. With all her strength, she heaved the boy up and walked over to her car's passenger side. She gently set him in, not sure if he was asleep or if he was so exhausted that he collapsed. Either way, she had to get him somewhere where he would be safe till class was over.

    She hopped back into her small little car and drove the rest of the way to the school. Parking, she locked the doors so no one could harm the sleeping boy further and she sauntered into class. She sure hoped that he would be ok by himself. For an hour or so...She walked into the classroom, excited to start her first day of mechanic school, yet anxious as she wondered if the boy she found in the middle of the road would be ok.

    "I locked the doors...So he should be fine..." she reassured herself as she took a seat. "Besides, even if anyone tried to get in, my car has the hardest lock to pick..." and so began her hour long class.
  4. The hunger grew something fierce within Rex. His resolve was slowly dying and this fear settled deep in his mind. Though what alarmed him more was where he woken up to. His eyes fluttered open and welcomed in the unknown sights. A bit of curiosity and panic plagued his mind as he scanned the confines of his new surroundings. He calmed down a little as he realized he was in a car of some sort. Sighing, Rex leaned his body against the seat with his eyes looking up at the celling of the vehicle. 'The Haima family couldn't possibly find me here' with a content sigh, Rex relaxed in the seat, not caring where he was as long as he was far from the likes of his clan.
  5. The class was over before she knew it, but it was mostly just introduction to course material and the jazz. She wasn't all that happy about it. Maybe next time they would go to the workshop where the teacher said they would be doing their workshops. She walked out to her car and looked in the windshield. It seemed the boy had woken up and was just staring at the ceiling of her car. She smiled and walked over to her car, opening her side door. She looked over to the boy and smiled, extending her hand.

    "I'm Bryna. IF I hadn't found you on the road, you could have been killed...I couldn't have that happening...What are you doing out here anyway? I don't recognize you from around here. YOu from out of town?" She realized that she was asking a lot of questions, but it was simply for gaining knowledge about the strange boy.

    Feeling a stinging pain, she looked down at the leg that had gotten cut while she was trying to fix up a neighbor's car. He had accidentally let his car down too fast and as she was pulling out, the car landed on her leg. Trying to get out was bad because of the sharp part of the car that had cut into her. She had to have about 50 stitches to get it back together. Walking must have popped one of the stitches out and now it was bleeding through the bandage.

    "You can tell me the whole story when we get home. I need to get to my place to fix up my cut..." And there it was again. That horrible stench. She still couldn't place it. Was the boy really emenating this horrible scent? Right now, she had no time to think as she was racing home to fix up her loose stitch and her continuously soaking bandage.
  6. Rex smiled as the girl introduced herself. She seemed really nice and that made him feel at ease. He eased back into the passenger seat, letting her voice welcome his ears. "I'm afraid I'm out of town miss, and I am sorry about causing you any trouble. It's been a long journey for me but never mind my woes." he looked over to the girl. He tilted his head for it seemed something was peculiar about her but Rex couldn't put his finger on it. "By the way, my name is Haima Rex but please call me Rex." said Rex with friendly smile. He hoped the girl hadn't study any Greek so to help keep her from suspecting his origins.

    Then the all too familiar scent of blood rushed to his nostrils. The sight of the girl bleeding stir something terrible deep within him. He cringed as his hunger grew even more unstable with each passing moment.
  7. Bryna got home as quickly as she could, trying to keep the bleeding under control. As soon as she got out of her car, she invited Rex to come into her house since her parents were away for the evening at a soiree held by her grandfather. Although, her brother was home, he was still up in his room, playing his xbox 360. She rushed to the upstairs bathroom after offering Rex a seat in the living room, grabbing all the bandages and antiseptic she could find. Coming back downstairs, she turned on the lights and began doctoring up her cut.

    "SO your name is Rex? I like that name...Out of town too? HOw cool! I've always lived away from a lot of people because of my family's secret. But it's been ok. I don't mind keeping that secret from my friends. If they knew, they would probably keep their distance most of the time..." She cringed as the alcohol stung her wound, which was still gushing blood rapidly, but had slowed down some. She looked at Rex. In the light, he seemed a bit paler than usual. It had then hit her. No wonder his scent smelled putrid.

    "So Rex, are you a vampire? You can tell me. If you tell me your secrets, I will tell you mine..." It seemed fair enough to her. It wasn't like she was going to tell everyone she knew that her new friend was a vampire. That wasn't something you talked about casually. She layed her leg down the couch, exposing the wound that was still openly bleeding a little. She had managed to stop it mostly, but not all the way. If he truly was a vampire, he could make the spot on her leg stop bleeding in seconds.
  8. Rex was taken back by the girl's acquisition. 'How does she know' Rex shifted a little on the couch as he watched the girl nurse her bleeding wound. Sighing, he answered the girl's question. "Yes I happen to be a vampire but I'm not proud of it." He gulped as the girl exposed her wound a bit more. "Um Miss, I don't think it is wise to show me any blood. I haven't feed for a good couple of days now and I fear my inner beast will get the best of me." warned Rex, scooting towards the end of the couch to make distance between them.
  9. She reached over to the coffee table sitting in front of her and dabbed at her still bleeding wound. That was one drawback of being a werewolf. Wounds took forever to clot back up. She smiled softly, looking to the exhausted looking vampire boy.

    "I'm not afraid of you and what you are Rex...Besides, without you, this wound will still take, at least, 10 more minutes to clot back up...That is one thing, as werewolves, we have to deal with. If we get injured, the night is great cover for us to be able to heal our wounds...But my father is arrogant and prideful, saying we don't need the vampires help for anything. But I think those coincidental connections aren't a mistake. It's made for both of us to live together in peace...Rex, I need you to, at least, lick my wound so the blood will clot faster. If not, I could faint also due to loss of too much blood...I'm extremely anemic and if I lose even so much as 2 tablespoons of blood, I faint...Please help me.." She knew it was forbidden to ask for a vampire's help in healing their slow healing wounds, but who else could she turn to? If she couldn't make this clot in the next few minutes, she would faint from her anemia.