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  1. Here's what I got so far...

    There's a girl in town whose athletic ability far outdoes that of anyone else in her area. She participates in multiple sports, including football, basketball, soccer, etc, and additional stuff like Volleyball, Wrestling, etc. She loves exercise equipment, and is an all out fitness freak.

    It is for this reason she's a tall girl, with a bit of muscle about her. She scares off all the guys because she looks and acts very boyish. Then she meets a guy trying to get more fit, and find a sport he likes. It turns out he's not as frightened as the other boys, and she tries to "help" him get into the sports world, but is constantly creeping him out, hurting him, etc.

    The 'Amazon' Girl: Crap/1.jpg?t=1323540600 Crap/2-1.jpg?t=1323540611
  2. You have brought this upon yourself, Ansatsuken. You have brought this upon yourself.

    *nod nods*
  3. Give me a moment to tuck my knees under my butt. I do believe I'm a 'Dead Motherfucker.'
  4. You learn so quickly! :D

    ....wait does this mean that im accepted or something? I better be. Or i'll still punch you in the face, in character or not. ^^
  5. Sure. You're pretty cool!

    So, this'll be a regular, romance RP?...

    …And if you want MAOR punches, we can turn it into a fighting story farther in/RIGHT DEH FAWC NAO. :D

  7. PM me the link of the started thread when it is completed and i shall use this as my character picture! :D
  8. Wait! I moved the thread to ONE V ONE since that is what we are doing! The Forum you posted in was for signups! :D No bigs!
  9. Ack. I just posted something in modern roleplays on accident: it was my first post as my character. DX I'm just so confused today.
  10. Hold this gonna be a smut type thing also? O.O
  11. No no, unless…you wanted it to? O_O

    ...Sorry about that. ^^" But I do have a point! Tis' true that you are the creator! It's your call!
  13. Ehm….Ahm….Ehm...

  14. *phew* T - T thank goodness!
  15. Iliana will learn the ways of the deep deep deep dark romanticism one day....just not while she's punching you in the face. ^^