Roman Romance

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  1. "Arcturus! This play is so boring!" Callista whined, tugging on her older brother's sleeve. "Can we please go?" She was very bored, watching yet another reenactment of Antigone and she just wanted to go home now instead of sitting, bored stiff, through the next half of the play, which had absolutely no appeal for the vivacious sixteen-year old.

    The older man turned to her, annoyed. "Callista, go and palliate your hunger, and leave me alone! Here, I forgo to you a few denarius to buy yourself some victuals from the vendor down there." He waved her away, and she hurried off down the stairs, pocketing the several coins that her brother had given her.

    Suddenly she heard a man delivering a long harangue, and she groaned as she paused to look at the dirty beggar.

    "Friends, Romans, countrymen, lend me your ears;
    I come to bury Caesar, not to praise him.
    The evil that men do lives after them;
    The good is oft interred with their bones;
    So let it be with Caesar. The noble Brutus
    Hath told you Caesar was ambitious:
    If it were so, it was a grievous fault,
    And grievously hath Caesar answer'd it..."

    Callista rolled her eyes at the banal speech, and she hurried on to the vendor, already eyeing the delicious food on display.
  2. Acestes was peddling his delicious food that he had cooked himself, on his street-side stand.

    He had a rugged look. His blonde hair laid messily on his head accompanied by his slightly tanned complexion. He wore a vest that covered the majority of his upper chest, showing his extremely muscled arms and his toned muscles on his lower chest along with a light pair of black trousers and sandles. His light blue eyes concentrated on the dish he was cooking at the moment as it required accurate amount of spices and other garnishes. He was so concentrated that he didn't notice the girl coming over to his stand.
  3. Callista approached the stand, and she stood there silently for a moment as her dark brown eyes flickered around the table top of the stand, searching for something appetising to eat. Finally she rose her gaze to the man standing behind the stall - who wasn't that much older than Callista herself, maybe a year or two - and she spoke, "May I please have some of your stuffed dates?" She slipped her hand in her pocket to fish out the money for the food.
  4. Acestes glanced over towards her for a second but his attention returned to the cooking and he made a gesture with his hand signalling her to wait. He pulled the pan off, the food which seemed to be Chilli still steamy as he putted it onto display along with his other dishes.

    "Stuffed Dates right?" Acestes asked as he looked up to her with a charming smile. His hands were already preparing the treats as she got her money. He moved quickly as most peddler's do and before she could get the right amount, they were already on her side of the stand, ready for eating.
  5. (Someone did a 5 word challenge)
    Erotium a fourteen year old girl was suddenly swept out by her mother.
    "No mother, dont make me." She was thin and finely dress for she was of the noble house Metius. "I don't want to join those old bats at the temple." Her mother scowled and turned around sharply.
    "Better a vestal than a whore. Now go, you'll miss your appointment." Then her mother swatted her. Erotium pouted but her temper had no effect on a wooden door. So she began the walk up hill to the Palatium forum. When she arrived she looked in her sarchel. In it was the money to offer Vesta. Who wanted to be unmarried for forty years. She sighed heavily. Suddenly her stomach growled. She thought it smart tobuy food, but she needed the money. So she snuck up to the dates vendor and grabbed some, then tried to take off. But just as she turned she bumped into Acestes and another girl. The seller then turned to Erotium.
    "Hey, you have to pay for that!" Erotium blushed and looked at the two in urgency.
    "Hurry lets go!"
  6. Callista was about to hand over the money for the dates, but then she felt another girl bump into her. She turned and smiled. "Hey, if you want some food, you can share some of my dates." She quickly handed the money to Acestes, flashing him a quick smile, before holding the bag out to the girl. "I'm Callista of the noble house of Etruscilla - a bit of a mouthful, I know."
  7. Acestes stood there quietly watching everything play out, the first girl had introduced herself as Callista if he had heard right, but the second one was quite..peculiar. She was quite strange. Her clothes were that of a noble, but her actions spoke differently. As he had grown up on the streets he became accustomed to seeing things like this playing out. A simple yet unnoticeable pick pocket.

    He wondered in his mind if he ought to tell the Callista lady as he watched the other girl with one eyebrow raised.
  8. The shop owner glowered at the three of them. Then he perked up and began to shout for the guards.
    "Gods curse you!" Erotium said with consternation to the shop owner. She turned to Callista and Acestes. She smiled with a dirty grin and then began to run off. But since the others seemed a little dense she turned around. "You guys coming? Or would you rather be turned over to the mines? COME ON!" She said excitedly.
  9. Aquila stood over his small bag of belongings and searched for a small piece of metal. After a few moments he found it and began to sharpen a old, dull dagger which he kept in his boot. His clothes were poor and dated. The clothed vest he wore was to big and frequently slipped off his body, in which he proceeded to adjust it. As he sharpened his dagger he heard to commotion at the stand. He looked over and noticed a few guards being alerted. Aquila quickly hid his dagger back within his boot and stood up, slinging his bag of his shoulder. He made sure to stand at a distance and waited to see what unfolded.
  10. Raven looked around and sighed she was lost again. "man I'm lost" she said out loud there was no one she wished someone was here. she turned the courner and there was a dead end. "what the hell a dead end" she yells out loud. she hears someone behind her and she turned around. there back she meet them before they tried to "hit" on her. "what do you want" she yelled at them. she could bet the crap out of tham but she couldn't not her life was on the line. he guys smiled and pulled out a knife. she sighed and said "bring it" the guy lungs at her but she dogges then norice his other friend coming at her. She grabbed the guy hair and throw him to the wall. then the guy with the knife came at her. be she dissed armed him and stabbed him on the lag. Then walked away from the seen. luckly she had this thing some one made out of real hair and tock it off to show her real hair which is black like a crow and if you look close her eyes are like raven wings.
  11. The two guards nearby appeared. They were tall and rough and had their gladii drawn. "Wheres the trou, asked the captain. Erotium cursed and began to run from the two she just met leaving them to be arrested. She ran past a thief and then lost herself in an alley. Rome was honeycombed with alleys. And there was another girl apparently lost. "Lotta peasants out." She mumbled. "Hey you!"
  12. Callista drew herself up to her full height, and frowned at the guard. "I am no thief, or criminal. I am Callista Etruscilla, daughter of Caius Etruscilla, and brother of Arcturus Etruscilla. And I was paying for these dates." She gestured to the bag. "Now, if you don't mind, I'll be going." She turned and handed Acestes the money before walking off. She hated being mistaken for a criminal, just because she tended to have a mischievous look in her eyes.
  13. The captain disregarded the girl. It was also improper, unless a slave, that she was out of the house. So he approached the girl and took a hold of her.
    "Thief or not, you broke the law so you must go with us to jail and await for a male representative to claim you." The other guard like wise detained her.
  14. "How have I broken the law?" Callista demanded furiously. "My brother is across the street, watching Antigone, and I simply stepped out to buy some dates! I wasn't aware that being hungry was a crime." She tugged her arm out of the guard's grasp. "At least take me to my brother." She had always had a very quick temper, and now it flared up in full force. She was about a minute away from pulling out her dagger that she kept hidden under the skirt of her dress, and stabbing this idiot.
  15. "By order of the empire, women are to be kept at home unless they are slaves or Vestals, in which case you're to be accompanied by kyries or male guards. Even if accompanied by your brother, you are both indecent and out of context. " He eyed the girl worriedly. "Do not resist the empire any further. Young Octavian won't stand for this foolishness."
  16. "Well, you'll have to catch me first." She smirked, and darted off into the bustling crowd. She had been running for several years now, and was incredibly fast. Callista darted through the crowds, and down a small alley. From there, she scrammbled up the tree at the side of ther house, and finally perched on the rooftop of one of the tallest buildings in the city.
  17. There was no way a guard in full armor could run like the girl, and through a crowd no less. No, instead he simply took an ambulatory stroll in the direction of her father's house. Once he arrived he knocked on the door and waited for the father to come out.
  18. Field Marshal Etruscilla's servant answered the door, and her face immediately creased. "May I help you, sir?" She politely, but slightly timidly, asked, her innocent brown eyes wide. She had only been a servant for the Etruscillas for a little while now, and was still not quite used to the grand visitors which came.
  19. The captain in the praetorian cleared his throat and removed his helmut. "Id like to speak to the master of this household. May I come in?" He had short brown hair and his muscles were glistening in the afternoon sun. "Im afraid its quite serious." He said grimly
  20. The servant nodded, and scuttered off. Soon, the tall, burly master of the house came to the door, and raised an eyebrow to the guard. "Ah, you are the captain of the praetorium, aren't you? I've momentarily forgotten your name..." He then continued, "What would you wish to speak to me about, captain?"