Roman Glory

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    Pain ripples through your body as the sword slices through you and you tumble to the ground. Your opponent smiles triumphantly over your mangled, battered body and turned with arms opened to a high podium where the arena's master sat. A frown and a thumbs down and your opponent turns to you again, this time with the intent to kill.

    Rome has entered a unprecedented time of peace and prosperity flows through its veins. Most Romans are well off and rarely does a Roman speak bad of the Senate. The economy is also booming with the entertainment section fat with gold. Perhaps the most wealthy area is the gladiators.

    The Arena is popular not only for the blood, but also because young gladiator owners have been on the rise. This has created no shortage of gladiators as they are hauled from their families and homes to fight for the entertainment of the masses. The owners' pockets grow plump by their gladiator's sweat and blood and when one dies they simply shrug it off and buy another.

    The Arena is also popular because of the many species that enter. Elves, Orcs, Dwarves, Centurions. No species is safe from Rome and these rebellious upstarts have witnessed firsthand the brutality that is Rome's legions and behind the curtains lie thieving patricians, bloodthirsty generals, and a blind Emperor who is the Senate's lapdog. The Arena owners are finding themselves imprisoned for no reason as the Senate seizes their Arenas and tax it.

    But that won't bother you, young one. Right? You came here for fame, glory, wealth, or blood. To be the stuff of legends and fables and epics. Whatever you are a gladiator, a owner of gladiator stable or Arena, or someone else then be ready for you are entering a nest of vipers.

    You will rise to the challenge and be legend. Or you will fade away like the countless fools that came before.

    The Rp is about a alternate Roman Empire where fantasy races exist, but have been subjected to Rome. The primary purpose of this Rp is to rise through the ranks and the easiest way to do that is through the Arena. Bewarned if you are going to be a Arena or stable owner. Things behind the scenes are heating up as the Senate is becoming power hungry and taking control of the Arenas that so many have come to see.

  2. The Races
    Varied and stubborn, humans were quick to explore their world spreading to all ends. They were also the first to form Empires since their short lives fueled their ambitions. They conquered the other races to ensure their dominance and they are one of the few races not inherently good or evil. This makes them dangerous, unpredictable, and near impossible to defeat without any kind of organized resistance. Humans can fit into any and all roles. Let it be traders, Senator, ruler, warrior, mage, etc. Humans are the Alphas of this world


    Once the Elves were a prideful people. Their natural talent for magic and connection to nature helped form civilizations quickly and everyday something was discovered. They lived in glory... until the humans came. Quickly and brutally the Elves were subjected to the human's machines of war and they were conquered in mere months. Now they slave away being considered inferior to humans. The few that escaped formed resistance groups using their agility to outspeed the slower humans, but they are not as strong and many of them fell. They keep fighting, either in the wilderness or in the Arena.


    Short and durable, Dwarves are masters of engineering building labyrinths underground which only they can navigate. Dwarves also viewed nature as something to be used and built incredible contraptions which the Drows so enviously stole. After bearing only so much the Dwarves and Drows went to war to end this. However, the humans came and ended their feuds and unlike the elves Dwarves found themselves in a alliance with the humans helping them defeat the Drows. The Dwarves now help engineer some of the greatest Roman wonders the world has ever seen!


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