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  1. Hello there! I'm just pitching this idea out there and want to see if anyone would be game for this! Anyway, it's as the title says, a roll the dice Attack on Titan RP. I'm pretty tired so excuse me if this is a little not-so-detailed as it could be.

    Attack on Titan is all about the characters and their means of killing the titans, withstanding their emotions, and improving their physical and mental status. But to those that know what this Anime is like, a lot of characters will die. Since everyone can't be humanity's strongest, this is where the roll of dice will take place.

    There will be a certain percent chance that you will kill the titan, a chance of injury, a chance you are saved or a titan will get to you first if you are injured, a chance that you will miss your slash, a chance to get grabbed midair after missing, a chance that you will get saved, and there will be a chance you will get chomped. Depending on your statistics will be how likely you are to kill and how likely you are to be killed.
    Speaking of statistics, even Mikasa and Levi had to take time to train themselves physically. The characters too will have to take time to train and improve themselves. Their statistics will fall under:

    -One notable aspect

    One character will be named humanity's strongest, but that will depend on how well they do during their training and if they have any experience in the past with martial arts and what not. How well they do Combat, Initiative, Wits, etc. will be a roll of the dice once the training is complete. If they tried extra hard and exhausted themselves during the training, I'll give your character a bonus point or two on that statistic given. So if by luck you receive the best statistics, congratulations! If not, let's hope the odds are in your favor of not dying, hm? It will be you who states what their notable aspect is.

    (Note: The amount of points you receive after the training will be a roll of the dice. If you don't exhaust yourself, you can only receive 1-3 points in the desired aspect and can train again later. Exhaustion will be 4-6 points and you can only train that aspect once an RP day to give their muscles a break.)

    The probabilities of a titan attack is always possible, but it depends on the dice roll whether it will be a time of peace that day or to strap up and kill the oncoming titans. Depending on how many people sign up may include the following.

    -One being a Titan like Annie
    -One Colossal Titan
    -One Armored Titan
    -One/Two/Three (depends on the number of sign-ups) Titan Shifter(s)

    This is all I have.. Would anyone be interested in this?
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  2. Count me in dear.
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  3. *Edited the details a little*
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