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  1. Looking to fill roles for an original roleplay called "Under The First Spring Moon." I'll post the plot and character openings.

    One evening in a developing town, a young mother is enjoying a nice spring stroll with her baby when it suddenly begins to rain. She seeks shelter under the alcove of a flower shop. A man leaving the shop sees her with her baby, and moved bycompassion, goes back inside to purchase an umbrella, giving it to her to use. He doesn't give her his name, just the umbrella, and leaves. The next day, she goes back to the shop in hopes of running into him again. She asked the owner of the shop what he knows about him. The owner tells her the man she's looking for is a widower and he gives her his name, but nothing more.
    Determined to offer her thanks, she does some sleuthing and eventually tracks down her helpful stranger. A widow herself, she feels connected to him. Will this second encounter be the key to turning both of their lives around?

    Clicky-link (as the lovely Jillian Venters calls them)!:

    The only unavailable role is the young mother, Song, played by myself.

    AVAILABLE ROLES (feel free to use original names):
    ·Widowed stranger
    ·Shop keeper
    ·Song's best friend
    ·Best friend's boyfriend
    ·Widower's drinking buddy
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  2. I'm interested in this little romance plot. Could I play the stranger?
  3. You most certainly can have that role!
  4. May I apply for Shop Keeper?
  5. Yes you may. :)
  6. Thanks! I'm coming in~
  7. Should I post a sheet first?
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