Roleplays Anyone?



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Hey guys! I am recently looking for some more RP's to be in. I am flexible and usually good about replying. I will need someone who replies often. At least once a day or once every other day. The reply doesn't have to be huge, but 3 to 4 sentences would be nice. I have muse and I want to put it to good use >8D

Anyway, I have a couple Ideas, but please pm me if you have anything different! (Side note: I can play male or females!)

Sonic RP - I have a fan character named Jazz and she's getting restless from not being able to come out and play. She's a grey wolf and hates Echidna's which would make for a great storyline. If you agree to do it, i'll tell you little bit more about her. But for now, that is all your getting ;) She's pretty flexible with doing anything as long as no echidna's are involved xD

Wolf RP - For the longest time, there is this story i've always wanted to RP, but never got the chance. It's about this girl named Katelyn and she's a Junior in High School. But that isn't the only thing about her that you should know. At night, her family is cursed to transform into wolves. Long ago, her great great grandfather was hit with this curse because of his senseless and merciless killing of a pregnant female wolf. His bloodline was cursed and will be cursed until they can show that they can be thoughtful and caring towards wolves. Her duties now lie in trying to keep the wolves away from the humans. But it is hard to do that when food is scarce and the only thing to eat is a nearby cow. That is, until she stumbles upon a heard of moose about 5 miles from her home. The next hard task, convincing the pack to up and move their territory 5 miles west of their own home. (Romance would be in here and it would be with Katelyn. But who she falls for can be arranged ^^)

Again, these are just ideas. If you have any ideas whatsoever and your dying to RP them with someone, reply to this thread or PM me asap! Thanks! (Also, FYI: I Do not do MalexMale or FemalexFemale so please do not ask! Thanks)