Roleplaying, and Reading.

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This is something that I've been wanting to ask for a while, and now is as good a time as any.

For those of us that write, and Roleplay, do you ever find yourself reading other Roleplay threads even if you're not participating in them? For enjoyment of a plot, and characters?

And for those of us that Lurk, do you ever do the same?

If so, feel free to list examples, or particular story's that you've enjoyed reading, and the like.
I lurk and read a lot of RPs.

I'll find myself going through pages of almost every roleplay, especially at odd hours when I can't seem to sleep.

I enjoy reading your RP, Jumi, One Realm, as well as sneaking around through other RPs.

I'll sometimes look for RPs that Asmo is in, just to see his take on a certain char, or Grumpy's to see what the hell he does, Or Tegan's because she's an interesting edge to an RP at times, Or you, Jumi, because you have a very unique character type. I some times find myself looking throughout all of the sections in IW or Genesis. Or just thumbing through each section of RPs.


I like reading.
I do lurk. I've recently lurked through Xindaris's wolf RP because I can remember when it was alive in the past, so I was curious. I OFTEN times read through TK's roleplays because they are always so awesome and have lots of posts. >:3
Very nice, ladies.

Now is there any specific examples within these roleplays that you can recall for being a major reason you've read them?

Perhaps a specific character, or event within those stories?
Well, Jumi, you kinda talked to me a little about yours a while back, and that never hurts, but I was intrigued by how a party turned into such a disaster like that. <.<;; And YAY PIRATES.... *Waves flag*

As for others, usually I find an attraction to different chars, but sometimes it's the best representation of that person's ability at the moment and it's impressive.

I dunno. It's late/early and I'm running low on sleep.
If I read other roleplays, I'd be tempted to interfere.
I'm pretty narcissistic, so I don't normally read other roleplays unless I am somehow involved. >:D I could prolly say it's cause I dun have time to read other's roleplays and play in my own too, but... naaaah. If there isn't any me, I dun care.

Alas, but I do SOMEtimes read other people's roleplays when it's an RP I was interested in joining. Or when I am trying to lookup the playing habits of a player for research or recommendations. >> Or when someone is asking me for thoughts/help/ideas.

...and... and... I almost always read the smut roleplays, cause I am a dirty dirty girl. XD I loved the concept for the Stone Town RP, because it blends my love of naughty with a promise of cool plot/story connection. I was hoping to see where that one could go. >>
I think I lurk in OCCs more often than the ICs because I like to see the characters and the conversation. xD But if there are characters I really like, I will go read about what they're up to. I can't remember what all I've read though. ><
I lurk threads. Sometimes not here, but other places as well. I rarely know what I'm reading, just that I'm reading it. It's hard to explain...