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    P R E T Y Y✦ M U C H
    Anyway, I'm looking for One on One roleplays, and can handle a few more on top of the ones I have now. And to note, a bit about what I like/look for:

    ✦ Someone who can write more than one or two sentences. I don't write masses upon masses of paragraphs, but I do provide two or so. Then again, if you provide lots of paragraphs that aren't contributing in any way, there's no point in that either. In short, a decent amount with decent detail.

    ✦ Posts to be written in the third person, past tense, so "He smiled" rather than "I" and "smiles". I'm just more comfortable with this writing style, and find it flows better when roleplaying.

    ✦ I enjoy MxM pairings, but if the plot is good, I can alter that and do MxF, or FxF. I'm not fussy like that, but MxM is a favourite of mine.

    ✦ I usually like romance in my roleplays, but not immediately like something out of a movie. I like it to be realistic, and interesting, not all plain sailing and easy. A little chaos is always fun.

    ✦ I generally roleplay using anime characters, but real life pictures are cool by me too. I usually let my RP partner decide what to use on that one.

    - I'm pretty friendly, and totally open to other ideas about plots and characters.


    Now that's out the way, just a few ideas on pairings and plots I'd enjoy to do. Not entrenched, so I'm open to new ideas, or shaping the ones below
    Bold - my preference

    Stepfather x Stepson
    ✦ Stepbrother x Stepbrother
    Prison Guard x Prisoner
    ✦ Detective x Murderer
    ✦ Teacher x Student
    ✦ Psychiatrist x Asylum Resident
    ✦ Scientist x Experiment
    ✦ 'Stockholm Syndrome' situation - Kidnapper x Kidnapped
    ✦ Vampire x Werewolf


    I devised a few plots on some of the above I'd be interested in roleplaying, but they can be altered and whatnot in the planning process
    Red - My preference

    Plot One - Like Father, Like Son
    [Stepfather x Stepson]
    A has recently married into a family, of whom he has been around for two years before marriage takes place. B, the only son in the family, along with his little sister, has never taken to having another father permanent in the house - the death of his own a few years back was too much. For two years before the marriage, A has done everything in his power to make things perfect, while B, stubborn and a typical teen, knocked back all attempts of a fatherly relationship. What is unknown is that A's attempts of perfection are to simply cover up his bi-curious nature - his marriage an attempt to force such thoughts of men out of his mind. Likewise, B, a popular character at school, struggles to contain similar thoughts. Arguments arise between A and his wife, causing him to grow tired and annoyed, and to find solace in his stepson, B. One night passes, and B vows to never venture to those depths again with his stepfather, much to the annoyance of a surprisingly eager A, who wants to make up for lost time. Can B keep to his inner promises and avoid the lusts of his mother's husband, or again fall to unconventional temptation?

    Plot Two - A Game of Cat and Mouse
    [Detective x Murderer]
    A, a tough New York detective at the top of his game, has recently struggled solving one of the most infamous cases in recent months - the case of the anonymous murderer. Murders and killings have occurred throughout the city. All unrelated, with no clear link or valid motives, the case is gaining more media attention, and with it, the risk of A publicly embarrassing the department, or worse, losing custody of the case before he can solve it. B, on the other hand, the young man responsible for all the random killings, hasn't yet been found out to be in fault, for one simple reason. B is the son of the mayor - a boy with power, status and wealth behind him. With it, he sees himself being safe from the clutches of the law. But when A begins to suspect the odd boy, B finds it more fun to tease and play with the handsome detective, rather than panic and try to hide what he has done - after all, he thinks he is safe and above punishment. With A's desperation growing, will he use B's growing fondness for him as a way of bringing him back down to justice, no matter of the moral consequences?

    Plot Three - Crazy in Love
    [Psychiatrist x Asylum Resident]
    A newly qualified, young psychiatrist -A- is thrown into the deep end once being offered a job at St. Mary's Hospital in the middle of a small town in the country, far away from his life in the city. Desperate to prove his parents wrong and make a living as a psychiatrist, A spends a great deal of time in getting to know each of the patients, including B, one of the younger inhabitants, and one of the more troubled. Riddled with problems, B is the living embodiment of trouble - he has violent outbursts, has an infamous past, is a constant danger for those around him, and never seems to be able to get better. In fact, he is the primary reason that the hospital has lost all five of its previous psychiatrists in a year - they all resign after the difficulties concerning B. So, when A is first assigned to deal with him, he is decidedly nervous... though B does nothing to entertain him in their first meeting. In following meetings though, B breaks, forcing his person onto A with rare normality and practical longing for him. Yet, with A desperate to keep his job and prove himself to those who doubted him, it is a hard decision - entertain his own growing desire for his patient, or selfishly knock him back and risk setting B off just when he decides to get on the path of medication and help. Either way, repercussions will arise.

    Plot Four - The Perks of Captivity
    ['Stockholm Syndrome' situation - Kidnapper x Kidnapped]
    On the eve of Christmas, two years before the present day, B is locked out of his home once forgetting his keys, and knowing his parents are away for the night. With it snowing and below a forgiving temperature, he trails out to town in order to try and find a nice cafe that was open, only to be cornered instead by A - a man in his twenties, tittering on the edge of desperation after his drug habit has spiralled him into debt. With police on his tail once hearing of his shoplifting, all to get some money together, he makes a split second decision to use B as a hostage - putting a gun to his temple in order to make a safe escape. Two years on, and B is still stuck in the little home owned by A, who lives his life constantly in fear of being found by police or, worse, the men he owes money to. At first, B lived in constant fear of A, afraid of his very being, and, unused to any criminality, completely terrified by the use of drugs in the home. Though he found himself growing closer to his captor, an undying need to be near him growing within him, and whenever A did leave the house, B will become irrational with panic - to the extent he often contemplates suicide in fear A will not return. With A unknowing of B's spiralling feelings for him, focused on saving himself from danger, and B fearing the reaction it'll gain if his feelings are made known, life at the home is evermore confusing... whether things will work out or not between the odd pair is hard to pinpoint.


    So yeah, message below if you have interest or want to RP on anything else, and then I'll pop you a PM about it c:
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  2. Hello! I would love to roleplay with you, and would be willing to do a vampire werewolf pairing!
  3. Hey, that's awesome! I tried to PM you, it hasn't worked haha, so if you drop me one, we can start planning a plot c:
  4. Yeah of course! Apparently the inbox is full so I'll fix it!
  5. Yeah, I think that was it c:
  6. Hi I wold like to do like father like son rp with you
  7. Awesome! I'll PM you now c:
  8. Hello! I'd like to do a vampire x werewolf roleplay with you!
  9. Awesome, I'll send you a PM now c:
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  10. Thank you! c:
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