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  1. Hey!

    So, I really need a few roleplays going to keep me from dying of boredom and I'm hoping I can find some wonderful people to help me with that!

    About me:

    • I will be able to post multiple times a day throughout the day, other than on Mondays!
    • I would prefer 18+ if you're wanting romance. Just a personal preference because of my own age.
    • I LOVE to double. Love it.
    • Posts anywhere from one paragraph to 8 paragraphs.
    • The only things I'm not good with are beastiality, rape scenes, and necrophelia.
    I have a few plot ideas I'm willing to share but I would like us to work together on them! I roleplay over pm, thread, or email. I will do some Fandom, my favorite would be Harry Potter.

    Pm me!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.