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  1. 'Allo, I'm new around these parts, but not new to RPing. I am looking for a few onexone RPs to keep me busy. I'm in the EST, and I work sucky night hours, but I am usually available to post anywhere from 3-10 PM. I often write 2+ paragraphs per reply, but I'm a believer in quality over quantity and don't mind what your post length is, as long as your writing is grammatically sound and keeps the RP moving.

    I'm over 18, and will only write Mature RPs with players who are over 18 as well. However, I am open to general Teen rated roleplays with younger writers, if they want to write with this old fart. =P

    I play male and female characters equally. I also write het, slash and femslash, but I despise yaoi stereotypes so please refrain from throwing any whiny uke bottoms or creepy controlling semes my way.

    Note: I only desire to write and write against original characters, even in fandom. Please don't ask me to write a canon. I never feel comfortable doing so.

    Fandom RP Ideas
    Harry Potter: I would really love a line with adult original characters about life in the wizarding world away from Hogwarts. A plot involving Aurors and other Ministry workers during the rise of a new Dark Lord/Lady would be just awesome. Or, alternatively, a roleplay set in Medieval England before the founding of Hogwarts, when the lines between the Muggle and wizarding world were far more blurred.

    Avatar: the Last Airbender: I absolutely adore the world of Avatar, and have several original characters I'd enjoy using: a surly sarcastic mixed race Earth Kingdom/Fire Nation bastard who has had to keep his Firebending abilities secret and sets off after the War to seek revenge on the Fire Nation soldier who raped his mother, a charming perverted Fire Nation thief/bard who makes a living playing his pipa in taverns in between wooing village girls and robbing them blind, and a Northern Water Tribe gender-bending girl who has always wanted to fight leaving home in order to find and train with the Kyoshi Warriors.

    Legend of Korra: I think a roleplay dealing with the Triad wars would be quite interesting, and a new highly addictive drug hitting the streets that gives non-benders temporary bending abilities. I would definitely want to write a Triad gangster for this.

    Buffy the Vampire Slayer: I know it is a long shot, but I am looking for a OC slayer line set in an historical period: Feudal Japan, Victorian England and the American Old West are some of my favorites. The RP would be about her training, adventures, relationship with her Watcher, not adhering to customs of females at that time, and incorporate lots of mythology from her region.

    Dragon Age: This wouldn't have so much to do with the Wardens, but I have been craving a roleplay between a Templar/Apostate Mage for ages now. I would really prefer to write the mage but I can be persuaded otherwise.

    Original RP

    I prefer RPs with original characters in original settings. My favorite genre is fantasy; whether urban modern fantasy taking place in our world away from prying human eyes, or high fantasy in fantastical realms of our own creation. I also dabble in sci-fi and horror.

    Right now, I don't have too many concrete ideas, just basic premises to work off.

    - A Steampunk/Weird West RP set in a frontier town with the townsfolk fighting off supernatural baddies like demons, dragons, zombies, skinwalkers and other horrors.
    - A modern Greek mythology RP about the reincarnations of Hades and Persephone discovering each other and their true identities.
    - An urban fantasy RP with magic users and supernatural beings operating like rival mafia factions, and the poor unsuspecting humans caught in the midst of their war.
    - A roleplay about a couple, roommates or family moving into a haunted house; basically a fun excuse to play with and distort horror tropes. Or a haunted boarding school with the kids attempting to discover their school's paranormal origins.
    - A modern sci-fi-esque RP about players of an MMORPG downloading a new patch that gets them sucked into the game and trapped as their Avatars.
    - A sci-fi RP about alien abduction, preferably with an interesting twist that I haven't thought of yet. >.>
    - A modern original superhero/meta-human RP. I've always wanted to create my own superhero world and mythology. Could be on the lighter comical side, or darker and grittier; preferably a combination of both.

    And I have plenty of other ideas, but this is getting way too long. XD If you are interested in any of my ideas offered, or have some of your own, don't hesitate to comment or PM me!
  2. I would be VERY interested in playing a Dragon Age templar who is to hunt down your apostate mage. I have been dying for a plot like that.

    Also the sci-fi rp whet characters getting sucked into their avatar sounds absolutely interesting. (Even have a character in mind)
  3. Awesome! I have been dying for a templar/apostate RP as well.

    Perhaps we could start off with the Dragon Age RP, then if we click try the MMORPG game later? =)
  4. I think this is a wise choice. Start with one RP then if things are peachy then possibly create another. :3

    This works out well, as I want to play the templar in this case. I have a good understanding of the lore and have played both games (though I have yet to finish the second game D:) and watched the animated movie they made. I wouldn't say my knowledge is extensive and in that same sense I'm not a lore nazi. So as long as you don't expect me to know every little bit about the DA lore we'll be good. I have a basic character in mind (Though sadly I can't remember his name at the moment.) I love a good flowing romance, nothing planned mind you but something that leaves the option there if it happens. So since this is a new character either mxf or mxm will be okay. Though I usually write mxf, either will be fine. :3

    Do you want to continue to plot here or move to PM's? Dunna matter to me either way. Though I find plotting through PM's a little easier.
  5. I'm interested in the first two ideas for Avatar: The Last Airbender. :D The alien abduction one also sounds interesting. :3
  6. Oh, that idea for Korra sounds awesome! :D I like the steampunk/weird west one as well.
  7. I love the haunted house idea in your original plots. Oh! I also have an idea for an alien apocalypse 1x1, if you're interested?
  8. I believe I have PM'd everyone. ^^
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