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    'Love me until you can't love me no more...I will love you more though stay in my heart even if you try to push me away.'
    'The life of two souls in one body is not a great one...but an interesting one...'

    I can do either Threads or PMs -- FULL NOT TAKING ANY MORE

    Will do FxF FxM and MxM

    I can do fantasy with a slap on the wrist no problem, unless you want to do something with no fantasy in it I can do that too, but it’ll take a lot to keep me from not adding something crazy in there though I can manage it
    I am quite open for basically any type of roleplay just bring out ideas and we can one out or whatever...

    For those who do 18+
    I can go detail or hints and fade to black
    Plot || Smut ratio is
    6 || 4 or 5 || 5
    I will do certain sexual fantasies, but I'll most likely do any

    I’m Semi-lit –so I’m pretty good with grammar and such-- and can do 2 or 3, maybe more paras if I’m lucky, and when I have a writer’s block, its 1 para though if I have really bad writers block I will disappear to find something to break it
    so I'm sorry if that happens or something distracted me.
    No one liners please and thank you

    Soif I don't post within two days its either writer's block, distraction, or work

    I can do doubles or more characters

    We can both work out if we should use pictures or not cause I can go either way, if so, yes I can do both Anime/Cartoons/ RL Pictures

    If you have an idea to add to the story please tell me, I’m open to anything!
    Give me Conflict and I’ll give you a cookie! Since it’ll help the RP going and add more excitement to it

    If interested just Post here or PM....

    Bold is the role I would like to do

    Here some ideas I quickly put together

    Happy Tree Friends
    South Park
    Pokémon Dungeon
    Sonic [Canon or OCs]
    Spongebob [Just for the hell of it xD]
    Alice in Wonderland
    Little Red Riding Hood

    Any of these rps can be either Anthro/Furry and Regular

    Furry/Anthro x Human
    Senior Student x Freshman Student [can go for anyone]
    High Class Demon x Middle/Low Class Demon
    Party Goer x Trouble Maker

    Psychotic Partner x Partner
    Murder x Cop
    Investigator x Partner

    Prince/Princess/King/Queen x Guard/Knight
    Prince/Princess/King/Queen x Assassin
    Prince/Princess/King/Queen x Commoner
    Knight x Dragon [can go for anyone]
    Commoner x Witch/Wizard

    Demon x Master
    Demon x Twisted Angel
    Ghost x Prince/Princess/King/Queen of Darkness
    Vampire x Werewolf
    Vampire x Human
    Werewolf x Human
    Mermaid/Merman x Marine
    Pirate x Siren
    Space Pirate x Captured Prince/Princess/King/Queen

    School Related|
    Teacher x Teacher
    Student x Teacher
    Student x Student
    Nerd x Jock
    Nerd x Cheerleader
    Jock x Cross dresser [can go for anyone]
    Trouble Maker x Jock
    Prep x Trouble Maker [can go for anyone]
    Prep x Scholar
    Shy kid x Class Clown
    Trap x New Kid

    Song Related|
    Myah Marie - I'm Insane
    Cobra Starship - I kissed a Boy
    Michelle Chamuel - I kissed a Girl
    Paramore - Crush Crush Crush
    Imagine Dragons - Radioactive
    Ellie Goulding - Lights
    Imagine Dragons - It's Time
    Ellie Goulding - Burn

    Hero x Villain [can go for anyone]
    Star x Bodyguard
    Boss x Worker [can go for anyone]
    Worker x Worker

    Currently Obsession over
    Happy Tree Friends
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  2. I would be interested in either vampirexhuman or xwerewolf.
  3. im interested in the Prince/Princess/King/Queen x Guard/Knight or Apocalyptic romance
  4. @Karuko_TheShifter

    Cool ok
    We can do start with one and do the other later if you want?
    Which one do you want to start with first?
  5. Princess/Assassin? Or maybe a Pirate/Siren?
  6. if you are still looking i'd be interested in FxF vampxhuman
  7. Hi there! I'd love to do the commoner x witch/wizard pairing if you're still looking :3
  8. @TurtleTurtle{.-.//}
    Either one is fine with me love :3
    We do one pairing then do the other later

    Yea I'm always looking
    And sure we can do that love
    Which one do you wanna be?

    Of course
    Which one do you wanna be?
  9. I'd actually like to be the commoner if you don't mind? Should I PM you?
  10. Hello there! I don't know if you're still open for new roleplays, but if you are I'd be down for something! I can do m/m, m/f, and f/f for any of these plots!

    High Class Demon x Middle/Low Class Demon
    Demon x Twisted Angel
    Vampire x Werewolf
    Jock x Cross dresser
  11. I sent you a private message!
  12. I'm interested in:
    Knight x Dragon
    Investigator x Partner
    Noble x commoner
    I'll let you choose which. :D

    I'm willing and able for romance on any of them (Except maybe the Knight x Dragon) But I prefer it to be M x F.
    I can play ether gender and can write smut, but I don't like to write smut, so let's not write smut please.
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  13. @TheSakuraBreeze

    Oh ok go ahead
    and pm melove

    @Lycan Queen

    I'm open for roleplays lol
    Alright cool
    Just tell me which ones you want to do first
    out of the seven
    And we can start making the plot and stuff
    Go ahead and pm me


    We can start Knight x Dragon then
    And do the rest later if you want love
    Sure, that's fine with me
    And that's fine as well
    we don't have to have smut lol
    Go ahead and pm me
  14. The nerd x jock sounds cool; I've been wanting a slice of life RP. PM me if you're interested.
  15. I'd be up for any of, if you want:
    Student x Teacher
    Vampire x Human
    Jock x Cross dresser
    Star x Bodyguard
  16. Would you be interested in a MxM Alice in wonderland themed rp where Alice is a guy instead of a girl and wonderland is twisted and dark (not the disney version please) ? Please pm me if you think it sounds like something you would be interested in =)
  17. I like if you want a Happy tree friends fandom. I would play as Flippy .
  18. The image is from HTF anime version . The guy is Flippy and the girl is Flaky .All you need to know is that the show is a bit crazy and the characters die a lot .
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