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  1. Hey guys thank you for taking the time to stop by. Right now my roleplay writing is at an all time high im motivated and eager to do some new roleplays so i'm taking on some new partners if there's any who would like to roleplay with me

    WARNING: MY CHARACTERS ARE SUBMISSIVE/UKE/BOTTOM (its the character i enjoy playing and am good at)

    I like to do at least 2 paragraphs but can do up to about 6 all depending on how awesome and in dept the roleplay is. I'm doing to absolutely amazing roleplays at the moment.

    I'm all about yaoi/gay romance but i love dark roleplays such as abuse, master domination, mind control, power imprisoned all that stuff. I love drama in a roleplay keeps things interesting.

    iv'e done:

    master x pet
    brother x brother
    teacher x student
    friend x friend
    vampire x prey
    prisoner x prison guard
    Master x slave
    Vampire x vampire fledgling
    and willing to do any you can think of

    I have characters and story plots if we want to be lazy ^_^ if not i'm happy to spitball ideas until we come up with something AMAZING!

    So please pm me cause i tend to lose the treads and i don't want to miss an opportunity to rp with you :)
  2. Um, considering the pairings and fetishes... Do you intend to have sexual content in your roleplay? If so, your request needs to be moved to the libertine section. Sexual content is not allowed outside of the libertine area and the reason is because partner requests with such nature can attract attention from the wrong age group, which can get you and them in trouble. I'd suggest requesting a thread moderation if you plan to do yaoi or asking a staff member to move this thread to the correct place.
  3. are you serious? its the romance section im clearly looking for people to do a romantic roleplay with please dont spam my thread with this when its roleplayers im looking for
  4. @Submissive Brat @Elphame

    She's right. If this roleplay involves explicit smut scenes, it belongs in the Libertine section's request thread (I'm a moderator, I can attest to this). Make sure to stay nice, everyone! Would you like me to move this thread for you, Submissive?
  5. No because its not a sexual thing its clearly the romance section and its romance and shouting out for. Making a huge deal out of nothing
  6. Seems sexual to me.

    Please don't be rude. I was simply ensuring that you were complying to the rules.
  7. I'm not being ride if I was id be swearing and using cap locks and telling you were to go. The word uke/submissive is a term for the characteristics of a shy and timid partner in a RELATIONSHIP aka ROMANCE
  8. I understand. It seemed sexual and I reminded you of the rules, I'm glad you know them! Apologies for the misunderstanding. Carry on!
  9. You no what theres bigger issues in the world that a stupid post on this site. Just delet it because I'm not gona deal with this aillyness any longer
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.