EXERCISE Roleplay Premise Challenge

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  1. This challenge uses 70s Mexican Pulp Art from the collections of Bobbette Axelrod and Ted Frankel.

    The idea is to pitch me a roleplay based on the image I post. It has to make sense, include all elements of the image, and be something that would be genuinely interesting for Iwaku players.

    Standards of OOCs apply - keep it punchy, informative and compelling.

    I will post a new image every few days.

    1. [​IMG]
  2. ...and the giant floating eyeballs?

    (The idea is to write an introduction to a roleplay, like you would with an OOC, using the picture I posted.)
  3. The planet of Xaviar. This is where the story lies.

    Thirty years ago humans left the Earth, for Earth had become a barren wasteland, hardly able to sustain life. A man by the name of John Lace, a terrific Engineer and Space examiner, had discovered a planet of which could sustain the life of humans. The planet was named Xaviar. The planet of Xaviar brought new hopes and dreams to the humans that lived on planet Earth.

    Within a decade of being discovered, Xaviar had found itself being dominated by humans. The humans quickly began to run the planet, building homes and buildings to work at. But something had changed.
    The government of Xaviar placed new laws upon the human species. They had said they were truly lucky and in God's greatest depth that they were able to find another planet able to sustain life, in which case they could not afford to lose. So, the laws that were placed upon the people were as follows:

    1. Only one person from each household is allowed to work.

    2. No farming unless permission by the government.

    3. No machinery or electronics.

    4. Nothing that can be considered as trash can be made.

    5. No brick buildings; all buildings and homes must be created out of the natural resources of Xaviar.

    6. Nothing artificial is to be made.

    7. We, the government, will tell you which species of animal you may kill. Each part of the animal must be used.

    8. No domestication of animals.

    9. We,the government, will watch closely at every one of you, if any of these new laws are broken by anyone, that person will immediately face their death.

    For the first several years of these new laws, not many humans had complaints. If they did, they did not speak them allowed. The few who did speak their complaints were brought in front of the court system and asked a series of questions. If they complied to fail at answering any of the questions they were imprisoned or killed.

    Within fifteen years many riots began to form, wanting their old ways back. The government, knowing that they could not kill all these people, imprisoned most of these. They left only the poor and the weak out to defend for themselves. Within this time, John Lace, the discoverer of Xaviar, had died of unreported reasons. The few who knew John well, knew that he also was one who opposed the new government and had planned to take lethal action against the government....

    Two men, who's names will for now be untold, have seek out the burial site of John Lace, of which is told to have the plans of the lethal riot and a new plan that tells of a way to get back to planet Earth, if the throw against the government does not work.

    Will these two men be able to get to the burial site without the government's watchful eyes catching them? Will they be able to uncover the secrets of John Lace? Will they be able to save themselves?

    Character types to the RP:

    I need two people to play as the two men. One for each.
    I will also need several people to play as the government.
    You may also play as one of the prisoners or regular people of Xaviar.

    (Add Character Skeleton and whatnot here) O_O

    Hope you like it, Asmo-poop! :D
  4. ( Like this? Or should I edit again? )

    New Mexico

    Year: 1990

    Season: Summer

    A wealthy man, owner of a prosperous farm had been murdered by an unknown killer. It is said that this man called Mr. Sernt have been having illegal dealings with the Governor of the state of New Mexico, Julio Martinez. This was discovered by a farmer when he accidentally eavesdrop in a conversation Mr. Sernt had on the phone. The farmer named Jose have heard these words "Bring me the guns and I will hand you the diamonds, Julio". But days, after Mr. Sernt died Jose had told his brother Javier of what had happened. They knew this was no accident like the people thought. No, this was a murdered and the suspect was Julio.

    Plot: Two man named Jose and Javier will try to solve the mystery of the motive behind Mr. Sernt's death. Along they way, the might face Julio and his government.

    Jose- Man who believes that Mr. Sernt was murdered
    Javier- Brother of Jose
    Julio Martinez- Governor of New Mexico, illegal contraband
    Extras- This can be guards, Mr. Sernt's family members, ect.
  5. That's good. Just an intro paragraph is all you need - like a movie trailer.

    Here's another:

  6. Using the first photo))

    When men went exploring the galaxy many year ago, they were expecting to find interesting cultures and planets full of new vegetation and life. They were not expecting to find beings like the Occu of planet D34, nor the enslavement that occurred whenever any ship dared enter their airspace.

    The Occu are a race of creatures that consist of only an eye and nothing else, but they can somehow hover about the ground and move about with ease. They are everywhere and they communicate with each other constantly, though who this is accomplished has not be discovered by the humans.

    The Occu need people, and they are not particular about what sort of people that might be so not only humans are enslaved here, to work for them. They need people to till and farm the land, and produce nourishment. They need men to build things for them as well. The work men until they either die of it, or die from the odd disease that seems to claim some but not others. It has been hypothesized by some of the humans that something in the roil or air is lethal to some of them, rather like a severe allergic reaction. But again no one is certain, since they are afforded no means to test their theories.

    So the Occu watch as we the humans continue to bury our own, and they continue to enslave others to take their place. We must find a way to free ourselves and warn others of the dangers of this world.