Roleplay Post Challenge: The HORROR!

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  1. The purpose of the roleplay post challenge is to take the idea, no matter how random it may seem, and weave it in to a post in one of your role-plays. The challenge is to make it seamless in a roleplay that may be about something completely opposite! And to have fun!

    This week, you will be HORRIFIED!

    I mean, there you are, minding your own business, when suddenly: wham! Right out of nowhere! Something happens that is so vile, so unimaginable, so devious, that you can hardly look at it, and yet you are unable to look away.

    In your challenge post, your character is horrified by something. ANYTHING!

    Remember, this is for NEW roleplay posts only! No fair going back and digging one up out of the graveyard! Please don't write up a story here, do it in your roleplay and post the link below! If it's good, you'll get some rep! And if it's REALLY good it might earn you a nomination in the Notable Quotables for next month's newsletter!