PROMPT Roleplay Post Challenge: Melting!

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    Does your character melt something under an intimidating glare of hatred? Do you leave a beloved sculpture of a delicate medium in an untoward location? Is it just way too hot for man or beast? Whatever situation you find yourself in, you must LITERALLY melt something!

    Remember, it only counts for NEW roleplay posts made after this challenge was posted. Going back to find old RP posts is cheating!

    Don't forget to link to your post HERE and earn some Reputation! The more creative the better! Will your post make the Quotables & Notables? :D
  2. Today had been the absolute worst one so far in Jax's long long life of wrong place at the wrong time's
    He'd just been hit by a car, still walking mind you, but was definitely unhappy about his brand new shirt being covered in his own blood more then the driver of the car's.
    He had tried to change the amount donated onto the fabric after pulling the inebriated human from his wrecked BMW but alas, the paramedics in this town were much faster then Jax proffered when he moved to the area three months ago.
    Well, the man got to live...probably, and now Jax was literally burning up.
    The male's power was easily controlled but something that you just didn't mess with was his clothing, ESPECIALLY his new shirts!!

    Why is it that every time he got a new shirt it ends up covered in blood?
    Heh, nine out of ten times it's because he's a sloppy 'eater' but this time he hadn't even bitten anything so totally wasn't his fault!
    Either way he turned a hard left and strolled down an alley to keep his slightly glowing form from attracting even more unwanted attention then literally walking away from a severe care accident had.
    As the man headed steadily down the dark and dank lane the brick walls on either sides of him started to run, dripping like two shelves of wax candles lit up simultaneously.
    A loud whistling had also started up, the sheer temperature cloaking Jax making the noise grow stronger by the second.
    By the time he had finished his stroll and emerged on the adjacent street his shirt was gone, pants singed black, and the two buildings behind him had two large gaping holes, the tops of which were still raining brick droplets from the surge of heat that had passed.

    With a calming exhalation Jax smiled and headed down to the clothing shop.
    Time for another shirt!
    Glancing down he frowned and shrugged.
    Okay, and some pants.