Roleplay Post Challenge: Bunnies

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YOUR CHALLENGE: Use BUNNY in a roleplay post.

This challenge is based on "BUNNY" meaning, somehow you must incorporate a rabbit, bunnies, rabbit fur, or something bunny related in to a post somewhere. See how creative you can get in your incorporation and have it make sense.

Remember, this challenge only applies to new roleplay posts, you can't go back and use old ones to fulfill the challenge. That's cheating! XD

Don't forget to link to your post HERE and earn some Reputation! :D

Fel of the Eternal Forest


The snow had been on the ground for months. Too cold to snow again, icing over the top layer. The evening sun had fallen far beyond it's zenith and was now just a sliver against some far away mountains.

Endry was tracking their latest meal; though he knew that anyone else in his little entourage could do it, he rather enjoyed getting out and being alone. For a man nigh in his forties, he loved feeling fit. The air crisp on his skin, cutting his lungs with every breath. It gave him new life. And that insufferable talking. He enjoyed a good conversation, but that much? He would have shuddered had he less control.

As the saying goes, he was as spry as a chicken. Silent as a shadow, he tracked his current quarry, a nice plump rabbit. He knew he could never get it on foot, but if he could find it's common trail, he knew he could set a trap for it. Their meal last night had too been rabbit, and the night before. He was getting sick and tired of this. He either needed to find civilization or some deer trails. Most of this land was nowhere near urbanized, so there had to be some sort of large game. And yet, not a trail.

So it was, back to rabbits. Perhaps he'd catch more than one, though he doubted it. Good lord he hoped he'd get to civilization soon.
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Gwenn kicked open the side door with one loud bellow and then started shooting at anything that moved. Her ability to follow and target and hit it was born of many years of hunting for her survival in the forest. When you were trying to hit a running rabbit from the trees above, you got quick.


These are the hardest challenges to complete but I'm going to get them all!!))
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