EXERCISE Roleplay Post Challenge: Alien Creature

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    YOUR CHALLENGE: Use AN ALIEN CREATURE in a roleplay post.

    A strange creature you have never seen before is an ALIEN CREATURE. It doesn't matter if you are in a science fiction universe where alien creatures are expected to happen, or a fantasy universe where maybe you've run in to an odd monster or new animal!

    Use the AN ALIEN CREATURE in at least one Roleplay post!

    Remember, it only counts for NEW roleplay posts made after this challenge was posted. Going back to find old RP posts is cheating!

    Don't forget to link to your post HERE and earn some Reputation! :D
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    A naked creature stood in a dim lighted cell, its hands chained loosely. From the look of its body anyone could tell it was a female alien. It had some of the similarities from the human body except for the long horns on the head and elbows, the elf-like ears, the medium length tail, the spikes on the back, and her pitch black eyes. Other than that, the creature had well rounded breasts, long straight auburn hair, and could also talk in any language as long as she heard it first from human or animal. Two long years have passed since she was captured by the human race. She was subjected to experiments both physically and mentally. They have tested her speed and intelligence until she could not longer move or think. After all, it was her fault she have gotten into this situation. Her specie had warned her not to travel to planet Earth but she ignored the warning and did it anyways. Her faith of getting rescued had disappeared a few months ago when no one had bother to saved her. With a frustrated inhuman scream she gave in closed her eyes and panted. "Damn you humans!"

    Later that day, a noise woke her up. Then a louder one came on. She could hear humans screams in the distance, all of them calling for help. An explosion went of on the side of the wall making a hole big enough to fit some in. That is when she looked up ahead and saw the rescued she had long wished for."You are finally here" she said in her native language.