PROMPT Roleplay Post Challenge: A Kiss on the Hand

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    This challenge is all about incorporating the suggested element in to an actual roleplay you are participating in!

    If the suggestion is "tears" in one of your roleplays, you would somehow involve tears in a single post. Whether it's crying, noticing someone else crying. Seeing a teardrop on a picture. Etc.

    The purpose of this is to help challenge and exercise your creative skills in adding little details to posts!

    THE CHALLENGE: A Kiss on the Hand

    REMEMBER: You must use this in IN A LIVE ROLEPLAY somewhere on Iwaku, and then link to your post here in this thread!


  2. I just found this challenge it works out perfect for the RP I'm in now. I hope I'm doing this right. I underlined the spot where I used "Kiss on the Hand." Its in my last post for this thread. So, here is the link. Again I hope I'm getting this right. If not I'm sure a wonderful Admin will let me know and I will fix it or they will do magic.
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