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  1. I'm in want of a roleplay partner, it seems all of my roleplays but maybe one are dying. I'm open to any kind of roleplay. Just tell me what you'd like to do abcs come up with a plot and I can adjust. I'm a very universal roleplayer and can do almost anything.
  2. I just joined and need a partner, too. Any ideas for the rp?

  3. I'd love to roleplay with you. HOwever, I prefer to come up with the plot with my partner. If that's okay then let me know here, or PM me and we'll brainstorm.
  4. I'm a newbie still, so I can't pm you. However, we can still start it off by decided what type of genre we're doing. To be honest, this is the first rp site I've been to that didn't have some sort of set thing to rp by. Like clans to rp for on warrior websites or a gang of thieves for your character to join.....
  5. Oh i thought new members COULD pm.. strange Does it work for me to Pm you?

    Also what Genre's do you like most we'll go from there.
  6. I think it does, but I can't pm YOU.

    I've never really considered genre picking before; we usually just start something random and roll with it.

    Maybe some action would be nice. Wanna go demon hunting? Or do you want to rob a bank or something? I'll do almost anything.
  7. I'd like it if we went demon hunting I suppose that could be fun.
  8. Sweet. How about hunting on a demon infested planet that has long since had it's original inhabitants killed? We can hunt loads of demons and maybe even get in a demon lord.......
  9. Hmm that's not quite my style.

    I'm nto just all about the action i like my lulled moments too.
  10. Well, you know. If start it off, I'll adapt. Action or not, I just wanna rp.
  11. Mmkay.

    What if we do a take on Buffy the Vampire slayer? One person chosen to fight off the forces of 'evil' and dominic goodness. Her aid is a gifted witch and o wizard that is able to help her him along the way?
  12. Hmmmmm, to be honest, I never watched Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Maybe I can take on the witch and wizard...........I've got a good magic user/fighter.
  13. okay sure we can do that.
  14. Zorilla you should try my new roleplay! It's called Dragon Riders, will the sign up is anyways. You might like it?