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  1. Hello there! I'm Onion-Of-Happiness, but you can call me Chip if you would like.

    I usually write around a paragraph or two. I am content with any length of post my partner decides to write.

    If I'm not busy I post at least once a day. I make sure to post at least once every few days.

    I'm most available to roleplay in the evenings on weekdays and all day during weekends.

    I will only roleplay through PM.

    I will not roleplay any sex, but pretty much anything else is fine.

    I do not mind swearing or violence, and I happen to have a few characters who swear a lot, so If that bothers you please tell me beforehand and I'll make sure to keep it clean.

    I love dark/angst roleplays, and roleplays with romance. I prefer M/M and F/F.

    I do both fandom and original roleplays. I'm in a ton of fandoms so if you'd like to do a fandom roleplay go ahead and ask me and I will tell you if I'm in that fandom or not.

    I don't have any plots in mind. I'd love to hear your ideas or work on creating a plot with you.

    PM me if you think you'd like to roleplay with me!
  2. in the way of PM would you enjoy a messenger instead like aol instant messenger?
  3. That would be great! I don't have an aol account, but I do have a skype and a kik account, or we could roleplay through email or gmail chat.
  4. skype works. my addy is fighterjoe22 lol
  5. Awesome, mine is sapphiredragon8
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.