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This bitch is crazy?

  1. Hell yes...I'm getting a dangerous vibe.

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  2. Fuck no...she seems unique is all.

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  1. Hey there! I'm craving RP and I need a partner so send me a PM or we could discuss it here. I'll even do RP with 2 or 3 people depending on what you guys want. I'll take RP suggestions or I can come up with something.
    Please RolePlay with me~ I do KnB, SnK, Free!, some Naruto, gangs, werewolves, supernatural, Gakuen Alice, shota, yuri, yaoi, straight, shinobi, vampires, pirates, mercenaries,bandits,etc...
    It doesn't matter if you have experience or not as long as you don't write one liners (only if the situation calls for it) Anyway let's have fun~
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  2. hmm.. MxF (Me being the M) Supernatural/furry Romance/smut/action rp?
  3. Sorry I don't do Furry or MxF smut.
  4. I'm down for vampires it would be pretty cool to set it in a post apocalyptic setting as well.
  5. Pm me if possible please.
  6. Pm me sometime, I'm up for quite a lot :3
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