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  2. all spells of course, are @ jkrowling's

    AccioCharmSummons an object from a distance
    AguamentiConjurationConjures water
    AlohomoraCharmUnlocks doors and windows
    AnapneoSpellClears the targets airways
    ApareciumSpellReveals hidden ink
    Avada KedavraCurseInstantaneous, painless death
    AviforsCharmTurns small objects into birds
    AvisSpellLaunches birds from wand
    BombardaCharmProvokes explosions
    Bombarda MaximaCharmProduces large explosions
    Cave InimicumSpellStrengthen an enclosure from enemies
    ColloportusLocking-SpellLocks doors and windows
    ConfringoCurseCauses an explosion
    CrucioCurseCauses extreme pain and torture
    DefodioCharmBlasts gouges into the target
    DepulsoCharmBanishes an object away
    DiffindoCharmCuts or severs the intended target
    EngorgioCharmCauses target to swell immensely
    EpiskeyHealing-spellHeals relatively minor wounds
    Expecto PatronumCharmConjures a spirit guardian
    ExpelliarmusCharmDisarms your opponent
    ExpulsoSpellMakes objects explode
    FerulaSpellCreates bandages
    FideliusCharmHides a secret within someone
    Finite IncantatumSpellStops any current spells
    FlagrateSpellAllows users to write on objects
    FlipendoJinxKnocks an object backwards
    FurnunculusCurseProduces boils on opponent
    GeminioSpellDuplicates an object
    GlisseoSpellTurns stairs into ramps
    Homenum RevelioSpellReveals humans nearby
    ImmobulusCharmRenders target immobile
    ImpedimentaCharmSlows an advancing object
    ImperioCurseControls a person
    ImperviusCharmMakes an object repel water
    IncarcerousSpellTies someone up
    IncendioSpellStars a fire
    LanglockSpellGlues opponent's tongue to roof of mouth
    LegilimensSpellAllows the caster to delve into the mind of the victim
    LevicorpusSpellHangs victim upside down by feet
    Locomotor MortisCurseLocks opponents legs
    LumosSpellCreates light at wand tip
    Meteolojinx RecantoSpellCauses weather effect spells to stop
    MobiliarbusCharmMoves objects with wand
    MobilicorpusSpellMoves unconscious bodies
    MuffliatoSpellPrevents nearby people from listening to conversations
    NoxSpellCounter to Lumos
    ObliviateCharmErases memories
    ObscuroSpellBlindfolds the victim
    OppugnoSpellMakes conjured items attack
    OrchideousSpellConjures a bunch of flowers
    Petrificus TotalusSpellFull body bind
    Piertotum LocomotorSpellAnimates statues and armor suits
    Point MeCharmWand acts like a compass
    Priori IncantatumSpellResult when brother wands duel
    Prior IncantatoSpellReveals a wands last spell / cast
    ProtegoCharmsCause spells to reflect back to the sender
    Protego HorribilisSpellProtects one from Dark Magic
    Protego TotalumSpellArea protection spell
    QuietusSpellCountersepll for Sonorus
    ReducioSpellCounters Engorgio
    ReductoSpellBlasts solid objects aside
    RelashioSpellReleases user from binding
    RennervateSpellCures unconsciousness
    ReparoSpellRepairs things
    Repello MuggletumSpellKeeps muggles away
    RictusempraCharmTickles opponent
    RiddikulusSpellUse this spell and laugh to defeat a boggart
    Salvio HexiaSpellProtection against hexes
    SectumsempraSpellCauses wounds as if slashed by a sword
    SilencioSpellSilences victim
    SonorusSpellAmplifies voice
    Specialis RevelioSpellReveals hidden secrets or magical properties
    StupefySpellKnocks out opponent
    TarantallegraSpellForces opponent to dance
    TergeoSpellCleans up messes
    WaddiwasiSpellUnsticks an object
    Wingardium LeviosaCharmMakes an object fly
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  3. american wandlore from pottermore, @ jkrowling

    Shikoba Wolfe, who was of Choctaw descent, was primarily famous for intricately carved wands containing Thunderbird tail feathers (the Thunderbird is a magical American bird closely related to the phoenix). Wolfe wands were generally held to be extremely powerful, though difficult to master. They were particularly prized by Transfigurers.

    Johannes Jonker, a Muggle-born wizard whose No-Maj father was an accomplished cabinet maker, turned himself into an accomplished wandmaker. His wands were highly sought after and instantly recognisable, as they were usually inlaid with mother-of-pearl. After experimenting with many cores, Jonker’s preferred magical material was hair of the Wampus cat.

    Thiago Quintana caused ripples through the magical world when his sleek and usually lengthy wands began entering the market, each encasing a single translucent spine from the back of the White River Monsters of Arkansas and producing spells of force and elegance. Fears about over-fishing of the monsters were assuaged when it was proven that Quintana alone knew the secret of luring them, a secret he guarded jealously until his death, at which point wands containing White River Monster spines ceased production.

    Violetta Beauvais, the famous wandmaker of New Orleans, refused for many years to divulge the secret core of her wands, which were always made of swamp mayhaw wood. Eventually it was discovered that they contained hair of the rougarou, the dangerous dog-headed monster that prowled Louisiana swamps. It was often said of Beauvais wands that they took to Dark magic like vampires to blood, yet many an American wizarding hero of the 1920s went into battle armed only with a Beauvais wand, and President Picquery herself was known to possess one.
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  4. NPC LIST - The Silver Heart Circle

    • Rhassa Delacove
      • Age: 52
      • Also Known As: N/A
      • Blood Status: Halfblood
      • Occupation: Current Commander of the SHC
      • Ilvernmorny House: Horned Serpent
    • Torin Velle
      • Age: 42
      • Also Known As: Tor
      • Blood Status: Halfblood
      • Occupation: Second-in-Command of the SHC
      • Ilvernmorny House: Wampus
    • The Shadow
      • Age: 39
      • Also Known As: Shade
      • Blood Status: Halfblood
      • Occupation: Senior Scout
      • Ilvernmorny House: Pukwudgie
    • Aphrodite Jones
      • Age: 37
      • Also Known As: AJ
      • Blood Status: Halfblood
      • Occupation: Senior Healer
      • Ilvernmorny House: Thunderbird
    • Catori Nym
      • Age: 24
      • Also Known As: Cat, Catnymph
      • Blood Status: Pureblood
      • Occupation: Junior Scout
      • Ilvernmorny House: Horned Serpent
    • Credence Polle
      • Age: 27
      • Also Known As: Creed
      • Blood Status: Pureblood
      • Occupation:
      • Ilvernmorny House: Pukwudgie

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  5. NPC LIST - The Red Serpent

    • The Serpent Twins
      • Age: 31 & 31
      • Also Known As: Classified
      • Blood Status: Halfbloods
      • Occupation: Terrorists
      • Ilvernmorny House: Wampus & Thunderbird
    • Romilly Rhude
      • Age: 35
      • Also Known As: The Eldest Sister
      • Blood Status: Halfblood
      • Occupation: Terrorist
      • Ilvernmorny House: Wampus
    • Eryn Vasili
      • Age: 37
      • Also Known As: The Middle Sister
      • Blood Status: Halfblood
      • Occupation: Terrorist
      • Ilvernmorny House: Wampus
    • Natalia Pova
      • Age: 33
      • Also Known As: The Youngest Sister
      • Blood Status: Pureblood
      • Occupation: Terrorist
      • Ilvernmorny House: Wampus
    • Cassander Crager
      • Age: 29
      • Also Known As: Cass
      • Blood Status: Pureblood
      • Occupation: Classified
      • Ilvernmorny House: Horned Serpent

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  6. NPC LIST - Other

    • Thyla and Rosario Bexley
      • Age: 63 & 70
      • Owner of: Bexley's Boutique
      • Connections to:
    • Simone Wiley
      • Age: 57
      • Owner of: Wiley's Magical Mishap Animal Clinic
      • Connections to: Eleanor Rosewell
    • Jessamine Fosswing
      • Age: 61
      • Owner of: Jessamine's Eclectic Emporium
      • Connections to: SHC, Tansy Blackwood
    • Jameson Crager
      • Age: 41
      • Owner of: Crager's Quidditch Supplies
      • Connections to: SHC, Other Classified Contacts
    • Aloysius Jones
      • Age: 76
      • Owner of: Aloysius' Dive Shop
      • Connections to: Aphrodite Jones, SHC
    • Starkey Addams
      • Age: 94
      • Owner of: Siren Cove Resort
      • Connections to: MACUSA, SHC
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  7. [​IMG]

    MACUSA, The Magical Congress of the United States of America

    Directly from Pottermore"The Magical Congress of the United States of America, known to American witches and wizards by the abbreviation MACUSA (commonly pronounced as: Mah – cooz – ah) was created in 1693, following the introduction of the International Statute of Wizarding Secrecy. Wizards worldwide had reached a tipping point, suspecting that they could lead freer and happier lives if they built an underground community that offered its own support and had its own structures. This feeling was particularly strong in America, due to the recent Salem Witch Trials.

    MACUSA was modeled on the Wizards’ Council of Great Britain, which predated the Ministry of Magic. Representatives from magical communities all over North America were elected to MACUSA to create laws that both policed and protected American wizardkind.

    MACUSA’s primary aim was to rid the continent of Scourers, corrupt wizards who had hunted their fellow magical beings for personal gain. MACUSA’s second great law enforcement challenge was the number of wizarding criminals who had fled to America from Europe and beyond, precisely because of the lack of organised law enforcement such as existed in their own countries."

    Read more about MACUSA here.
  8. [​IMG]


    In north Florida, somewhere along the Gulf Coast, lies an entire wizarding community, commonly known as Siren Cove. Every square inch of the town has been spelled with anti-no-maj enchantments and made unplottable by MACUSA. No-Maj's are unable to enter unless escorted by a witch or wizard and if they were to happen upon the location, would only see a dilapidated boardwalk succumbing to the sea and small, crumbling buildings that seem willing to fall apart with the next salty breeze.

    Siren Cove is the American equivalent of Diagon Alley, though much larger. Below are a few of the shops, restaurants and other attractions that can be found within Siren Cove, along with a brief description of each.

    › Wiley's Magical Mishap Animal Clinic
    › Jessamine's Eclectic Emporium
    › The Boardwalk
    › Aloysius' Dive Shop
    › 505 Eastbound Bus Stop
    › Siren Cove Resort
    › The Botanical Gardens
    › The Sweet Shoppe Quick Stop
    › Bexley's Boutique
    › Crager's Quidditch Supplies
    › The Apothecary

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  9. [​IMG]


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