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  1. Okay. So. I have like, a bunch of roleplay ideas and they're driving me insane because I really want to do them. They are legit driving me insane. Insane.

    So, yeah. I have a few requirements - just a few, nothing too strict.

    1.) Longish replies. They don't have to be, like, seven to eight paragraphs, but one to two - usually. Every now and then, if the scenario calls for it, one or two lines is okay. But try to keep responses to at least a paragraph - please.

    2) Good grammar and spelling. It doesn't have to be perfect, because I am far perfect, but I need your grammar and spelling to be pretty good.

    3) Please be on often, once a day would be preferable. But if you can't, I understand - just tell me. If you're going away for a while and won't be on for a week or so, please tell me or I will get mad and might chew you out. And I understand emergencies, too - if something personal happens and you can't get on for a while, I understand. Don't stress about it.

    4) I only play a female. I'm really sorry, but I've tried playing a male before and I totally suck at playing a boy. So I stick to female in order to keep the roleplay better. Sorry. And I only do fxm pairings. Sorry, once again. :c

    and last but not least,

    5) Please don't ditch me. Don't join the roleplay and all of a sudden stop posting. Please. If you're losing interest in the roleplay, tell me and we can try to work something out. But don't just ditch me.

    Okay, that's all my requirements. Time to start with the ideas :D

    Idea #1
    So, I was thinking about one where a female undercover CIA Agent (me) is doing some undercover work with a mob or something, and she's going in and being a double agent, pretending she's on the side of the mob but really reporting back to the CIA and giving them information and such. But she gets found out, and the leader of the mob attacks her and kidnaps her, and plans to kill her. But a detective (you) or another CIA agent (once again, you,) is assigned to find her... But will he be to late? :P​
    Idea #2
    So, I've had inspiration from the book Uglies by Scott Westerfield and Matched by Ally Condie for this idea. So, basically, human civilization crashed hundreds of years ago, and a society rose up out of the destruction and created the "perfect" society. You don't have very much choice in this society - the society chooses where you work, what you wear, and who you marry when after you turn twenty-one, if you marry at all. All the adults with children live in a separate part of town, and when their kids turn 10 the kids move to big dorms to live together until their eighteenth birthday, when they get a surgery that turns them "beautiful" and transports them into another part of town, separate from the "uglies". But two seventeen year old kids, a girl, (me) and a boy, (you) discover a secret about the surgery, and decide that being "pretty" isn't a very good thing. When you get the surgery, a chip is implanted into your brain that the society controls, making you do whatever they want you to. Mind control. Will they be able to get away from the surgery or will they become mindless dolls like everybody else?​
    Idea #3
    I dunno. I only really had two plotted out, but I have soooo many just in my brain that I can't get sorted out >.< There's one I have about a girl that has sworn off love, one about a mermaid and a human, and then one about surviving the end of the world, but I haven't got any details on those, so if you'd be interested in one of those we'd have some major plot discussing to do. Also, I was thinking about maybe doing a fan-based one - maybe Harry Potter or The Hunger Games or something...​
    Anyways, that's all for now. If you're interested in any of these, please post below! Or, you could private message me if that's more convenient for you.​
    P.S. If none of these interest you, but you have another idea, feel free to tell me and we can do that instead(:

    P.P.S. None of these ideas are set in stone, so if you want to change something up then we can change some stuff up.
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  2. I'm Sam, and I can manage five or six sentences per reply, if that's enough. More if you're alright with waiting longer.
    I'd be up for Idea #2.
  3. Yes, five to six sentences is good. I'll private message you and we can work out the details.
  4. The first idea sounds pretty cool to me. But what if the leader of the mob (Me) never found out and started to trust the double agent (You) just a bit too much? Sounds a bit cliche but whatever. Some other stuff could probably be thrown in there, but I can't think to much about it at the moment due to the fact that it's 15 past 3 in the morning.
    I've been trying to make my replies longer, so I could probably handle 3 to 4 sentences. I'm used to roleplaying on a phone so it's a huge learning curve whenever my posts has to be longer.
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